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If by some chance you haven't heard of the highly controversial patch that Hi-Rez is planning to update into Paladins for OB64, the short version is that the EA bug seems to have caught Hi-Rez in full force and are now in the process of destroying their own game.

I've found Paladins so far to be a great F2P class based shooter that for the most part felt incredibly fair, I never felt forced to throw my wallet in their direction or be at some disadvantage, and generally that's a good thing to discover about any F2P game. Unfortunately, Hi-Rez have been slowly getting more money hungry as time has gone on, but their new card system has just thrown their thirst into full force.

Previously, their money making techniques have been pretty much fully based on cosmetics, so costumes, sprays, emotes, victory poses, voice packs and weapon skins, they eventually implemented a VIP system in which you would buy a VIP service to earn double the normal amount of VIP points per game played, while I found it to be slightly annoying to somewhat restrict my ability to purchase some cosmetics due to adding a layer of a paywall before actually being able to buy the thing you want, I was mostly OK with it. Hi-Rez have since then decided to add in VIP tiers, this is nothing more than a further restriction to cosmetics by adding in more walls into their purchases, and they've tried to justify it by saying "you get free stuff on hitting VIP levels" which is true yes, but considering that you're paying to increase your VIP level anyway...I would hardly call it free.

So all VIP levels aside, their new cards system has to be one of the most abysmal systems I've ever seen any developers attempt to stuff into their game, especially so late into its life which just makes it feel like a bait and switch attempt. The reasoning for implementing this system has sounded like nothing more than a series of lies when you very quickly discover just how "Pay2Progress" (let's not beat around the bush with this, it's pay2win) this actually is, I've seen several videos and forum threads showing just how insane the "grind" would be in order to basically unlock everything, and how it's now impossible to properly progress your favourite character due to it being limited to an RNG loot box.

Let me answer back towards some of Hi-Rez's quotes:

"– Essence is gone. Yay!"

Sure, yay, only it would be a "yay" if the replacement feature wasn't this, but even then people quickly grew to accept essence and the complaints were virtually non-existant.

"– Paladins is even more free to play. All Cards (Basic and Legendary) are now free and immediately unlocked, and can be leveled up by collecting duplicates."

I couldn't help but scoff at how they dared to say "more free to play" when it couldn't be more of the opposite. What you now get is all cards at level 1, which is like trying to play the the current version of the game with a full deck of level 1 cards which have no real power to them/minimal change, the duplicate change to level up your cards is horrendously bad.

"– In the new over-the-top QuickPlay mode (replacing Casual queue), you can play exactly how you want to play. Just build a loadout of your five favorite Cards — no point limit restrictions."

This is one of the most strange changes to any game, this "over-the-top" quickplay mode is something that no-one has asked for, not that I would be against this mode if it didn't replace the casual queue, but the fact that it does which leaves us only with competitive to play the game properly, the only result of this will be the competitive queue will be flooded with casual queuers like my self that want to play for fun without focusing on the meta, but while still playing to win.

There's also this whole "no point limit restrictions" which I don't recall anyone really complaining about either, sure there will be meta builds that exist, but this is stuff that may only have highly mattered at the very top levels of play, all that will happen now is that a new meta set of cards will appear due to some cards being obviously better than others while having no point limit, Hi-Rez clearly dropped the ball on this.

I've watched a few youtube videos showing some gameplay of certain characters in ob64 with all cards maxed level including legendaries, this has resulted in characters such as Kinessa that's supposed to be a sniper just whipping around the map like Tracer on Overwatch, only Tracer doesn't silently teleport large distances while healing 40% of her life and gaining all her bullets back, and then hitting 1 or 2 shots to bring her 3 second cooldown back to 0 to re-use it again, I don't think Hi-Rez could of officially broke their game any harder if they tried.

"– Ranked Mode is now more balanced and competitive than ever before, with all Cards unlocked and set to Level 3."

Repeating what I said above, ranked is going to be flooded with people that have no choice but to play it due to how casual queue will be destroyed, generally even in a game like Overwatch you would find your self playing Quickplay with a new character/character you're trying to learn before jumping into competitive, now in Paladins you will actually be better off playing Competitive to learn a character simply due to the fact that this will be the only way to get proper access to leveled up cards and in a balanced environment.

There's already a bunch of youtubers chiming in on this horrible system if you want to hear more views and opinions about the patch, even threads on the forums in where I'm sure I read up on how to unlock everything would require just over 3000 chests, the casual queue will effectively be dead with this patch and competitive as I already said will be a bad experience as the casual players will be trying to salvage what they can get out of the game. It won't be fun having some 8 point card build and vsing people with 15-20, or if you're unfortunate to go up against someone with a full 25 card build that will obviously be brokenly overpowered, this is evident by the ranked queue being limited to level 3 cards.

I honestly feel that it would of been easier for me to just make a video on this subject in order for me to talk and rant about this properly, but I think the easiest thing for me to do at this point is to leave this here while also linking a video from someone with the best possible view on this:

More importantly, watch this for a good laugh at the Paladins OB64 experience, and how it's also destroying game balance:

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