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Rokh is another upcoming survival game trying to stake its place into the genre, there's already some good popular ones out there such as Rust and Ark, and there's others that have failed to make their mark and either have a small playerbase, or a non-existent one.

I decided to give this game a try and see if it's actually got anything worth playing over the ones currently available. It is actually quite unique in it's own way, even if you can tell it's a very early access game when you see that you can't swing your pickaxe manually and must be stood at an ore node while it locks your camera with each swing, also not forgetting that the pickaxe isn't even properly textured yet either, that's how early access this is.

It took me quite a while just to figure out the most basic of functions on this game, it tries to give you a small tutorial popup with some things for the first time, such as how to restore your O2 bar or even the power bar on your suit in order to survive, though what bugs me is how fast both of those bars were continuously going down, fortunately the food and water bar didn't go down half as fast which made just trying to survive for my first hour all the more bearable.

Usually on these survival games like Ark for example, you will find that you need to start off by mining the most basic of resources, starting off by perhaps punching a tree and getting wood or something and picking up rocks from the floor to create your first pickaxe, instead on Rokh I found my self running for an awfully long period of time confused and searching these random little boxes for loot, eventually I came across the rod and spike that I needed to craft only to get confused again on how to actually begin the craft, I would of thought you could just craft it automatically if you have them in your inventory, or right click the material slot or item it self to begin, I eventually saw that I had to click and drag the material directly onto the spot to actually craft, and then hit OK to putting 1 item in.

This game pulls no punches when it comes to easing you into the game, upon crafting my hammer which is used to make lots of materials I saw that I had way too many materials on the side of my screen while having no idea what most of them were for, instead of having different crafting tables and/or having things sectioned off to get a better understanding of how and when each thing will be used, they're just all there in your face instead.

I can only hope that they change the way that you start off the game as I can never see being overwhelmed while dealing with very slow progression as a good thing to drag people into the game, with the way it is now I would see it attracting a relatively low number of people due to how complex this game will become.

I still have no idea how to successfully craft your self a base to start with, I thought that I was crafting something when I was starting with my walls, I found out that I could rotate the blocks and decided to make my self a roof only to get confused when some polls started extending towards the ground, I could only assume that I wasn't making what I think I was which only added to my continued confusion with the game.

I ended up encountering what I can only call meteor storms that happened several times over my game time, I may of been fortunate to have not got hit by one of these when I saw just how many were falling down one after the other, I was also quite surprised to see that this was happening right at the starting areas of the game, if someone new manages to get killed by these I could see it being very frustrating to happen when you're just trying to start off.

This game is extremely brown if that wasn't obvious enough yet, though I suppose that's a given when the game is based on Mars and has no colonisation at all, I do wonder if the entire map is like this and if players can actually try and plant trees and somehow get some small rivers of water going or something, I would otherwise be a bit worried into what players would find it an enjoyable experience to traverse along a game and see nothing but brown everywhere.

Rokh is definitely going for something different overall, I think the audience it's going for is something different akin to your usual survival games in where starting off is rather simple whether it's your first time starting on a server or your 10th, this game currently requires you to really learn what's happening with your entire survival aspect and learn what so many items are used for.

The progression is slow but this is what may attract some people to play it, getting to a point in the game where you can be perhaps proud with what you've accomplished or built, there doesn't seem to be any major focus on combat on this game, at least at the start anyway as I couldn't even find a way to throw punches into the air, whereas on games like Rust and Ark where you can just start attacking everyone at spawn and quickly craft a spear to stab the nearest person for no reason with.

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