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Revelations has been a very enjoyable experience in the 2-3 weeks that I've been playing, for the most part I've had nothing but praise for the game outside of a few things in the game that has bugged me, but outside of that it's been quite a refreshing MMO that's kept me with a bunch of things to do every single day in the game, one of the best things for me is that there has been an almost non-existent focus on "accept quest>kill mobs>return and hand in>repeat 500 times till level cap"; I was wanting to give this game a proper review at some point soon, but with this rearing its ugly head so early into the games life span...I feel that this has already took precedence.

Today came the maintenance that had also appeared with an unannounced patch that already introduced a pay2win feature, this is something that took the Russian version at least 2 months to happen which I think was originally the idea of a catch up mechanic, even if it was stashed into the dreadful RNG loot box's that we have all came to love/hate.

With a few new things introduced into the cash shop (mostly different RNG boxes being the important things), this crusade scroll was the thing that has really took the cake; the amount of instant progression that can literally shave off days, weeks or even months depending on what you're after is absolutely insane. What has made the situation even worse though is the fact that my.com introduced a feature to stop anyone below level 59 from selling Aurum to other players (which is the majority of the server so far), which has massively bottle-necked progression for a ton of other players in different ways.

People below 59 that want to sell Aurum so they can get imperial coins to then buy gear and materials from the Auction house can no longer do that, and then of course players that are wanting to buy Aurums for a reasonable price are now being massively milked due to the heavily limited Aurum sellers, which has in-turn raised the price of Aurum from an average of 220 (on buy orders) to around 700 imperial coins per Aurum which is a huge leap.

The picture above shows todays selling on the EU server MoonSea.

The picture here at the bottom of the box shows my transactions from buying Aurum from the marketplace, my most recent purchase was just 3 days prior at 155 coins per Aurum, to the now average of 600-700 coins per Aurum.

I'm fully aware that the prices of cash shop currencies generally rise within due course of the game, but for the price to spike in a game within 1 day by x3/4 is crazy when you also consider that the in-game coin generation isn't exactly too high, especially when players have imperial notes bound to their character while imperial coins are the only currency that can be traded among players, so as opposed to the coins being massively generated with no real coin sinks, they're mostly being traded around players with a slow generation coming into the game.

Revelations so far has been without a doubt a "pay2progress" game, this has been easy enough to deal with by putting plenty of hours into the game per day to both progress in exp and gear and actually make money at the same time from selling unbound drops, crafting and gathering; doing this has enabled me to get all of my gear to +10 along with the majority of my gear getting extra slots to put my marks in. I have been able to effectively participate in BGs and open world PvP and actually be relevant, just of course those people straight up putting money into the game did have somewhat better gear score than me, but not enough to make me irrelevant which is what I've actually liked, one of the core things as well is that I have been able to participate in killing world bosses to get my PvE and PvP marks to both equip and sell for extra money to help with my gear progression.

The fear that's currently happening with a lot of players also on the forums is that the game will be too heavily in favour of the credit card monsters, putting high hour players like my self completely out of luck unless we decide to start swiping our cards just to barely stay relevant, because not only can we not put our coins to use properly with reasonable Aurum prices, but we will now need to go straight into the RNG game in order to get PvP crystals to compete properly.

This is apparently the item list of what you can get when you buy the 3 crusade scrolls and then combine them to start using them, this is full character progression in most of its forms outside of things like skill advancement, you could be getting those blue Azure tickets to go from +10 onwards on your gear (or the Azure phlogison to skip using the tickets on the normal phlogistons) , plumstone beads which skips a ton of time off from getting bonus stats on your character, crystals to combine and/or slot into your soul grid and a few other items there that I haven't even seen yet.

The game is now basically in a state of playing the waiting game, the idea is that when more people start hitting 59+ so that Aurum selling becomes more abundant again, that will hopefully drop the prices due to more supply over the current demand, but there is also the possibility that the Aurum price will simply stabilize around the current price simply because it's at the price its at, and people may stay desperate enough to buy Aurums for high prices instead of holding off and letting the prices go down.

As a player trying to do most things for free with a lot of hours put into the game and currently at level 59 (which was also supposed to be the level cap for a little while but has instead been upped already to level 69 just today) I'm hoping that the Aurum prices go down, this will let other free players that even play casually potentially stay relevant enough to do some larger scale PvP and be able to participate in end game PvE properly without being looked down on too much due to their lower gear score, the last thing I'm wanting to see is a playerbase drop in less than a month due to a potentially careless decision from My.com.

If you haven't quite checked out Revelations yet then I can still strongly recommend the game, as I mentioned the Aurum prices may still go down to be more accessible to free players again, and the PvE is still quite a strong point of the game that doesn't require you to have to go all out.

Revelations website: http://tinyurl.com/jfauo67

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