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Revelations has been a game that I had my eye on for quite a long time, the sheer look of the game as a whole going from the art style, crispy graphics, fantastic lighting, very colourful world, and the gameplay had me very interested in getting to play the game properly back when I tried it on the CN version.

Now the game has been out for a little over a month, I'm finding that the game has lost the majority of the appeal that kept me playing the game originally, some of the games original strong points to me have now became its weakness and I'm already losing the will to dedicate my full attention to the game. One of the major problems for me with Revelations is that even though MMOs are known for being repetitive, this game just takes the cake completely in one of the worst ways possible, and it causes levelling up to be a terribly annoying experience.

The usual concept with any MMO when you level up is that you generally either go from point A to point B to deal with quests and get your exp reward, some games will have you do a bit of questing and a bit of mob grinding, there's still the odd few about that is mainly focused on grinding, which ever the game is though you will find that you can generally play at your own leisure and progress as fast or as slow as you want, generally bouncing from zone to zone and experiencing new areas in some way or another.

The issue with Revelations is that you don't really "experience" the game world at all, at best you will find your self just flying past areas never to actually land and do something unless that thing is a weekly event that has you kill mobs spawning in waves like in the screenshot above, I think that most world related quests are actually weekly things when I think about it as your "Road to greatness" (the daily list of things that give you exp) is all done inside party instances apart from 2 of them, these have you killing 85 mobs and digging 5 items, while the other has you go into a pvp zone to collect 3 items and bring a box to an npc.

Levelling up

As mentioned already with the Road to Greatness, I originally found it to be a pretty cool thing as it was also a very different way to level up much like with how GW2 introduced a different way of going about your regular questing experience. The problem I have now that I'm much more aware of how the game works and understand what I should be doing every day, it's the idea that I can go through all of my exp gaining dailys in barely 1-2 hours which leaves the rest of my playtime to wasting time trying to fill in the void, this generally ends up with me just doing a dungeon and perhaps hoping that I get a book drop at best or simply doing them all for a small amount of demonslayer points which are unfortunately very important but tedious to get, or perhaps trying for world bosses with my guild to get some gems for my gear.

Revelations is massively heavy on the daily "questing" more-so than any other game I've really played, so what you end up doing every single day you log on is your solo trial dungeon, the party trial dungeon, daily token dungeon which is generally party required, and your Scour dungeon that can be done solo, but if you want to maximise your exp each week then you're much better off doing it in a party in order to get the most out of your limited double exp boost to kill them as fast as you can, after you've done those you're generally left twiddling your thumbs and doing a bunch of side things to get smaller amounts of exp or make a bit of money.


Now it's very safe to say that I've been spoilt by Guildwars2 PvP, they both have large and small scale PvP, but yet the difference in how they play is like night and day. One of the things that kept me playing Gw2 for such a long time was the world vs world pvp with the guild I was in, we was able to play as a guild and field numbers between 20-40 and always have an impact in the WvW battlegrounds even when fighting enemies with twice the numbers. Revelations large scale pvp is a generally terrible experience in which at this point I would consider it a good thing that the castle wars are only once a week for 2 hours.

Open world PvP here is something that comes with really high penalties if you decide to kill someone, or better yet if you're 1 guild/group fighting another group for a world boss; what usually happens is that the 2 groups will have their tanks try and agro the boss off of each other in order to try and reset it so they can tag the boss for them selves, one guild side may try and attack the other after so long which will give you large amounts of slayer value for killing someone, you then get to happily be attacked by the guards which can sometimes be impossible to escape from, and of course every other player in the game can attack you with no penalty.

Here's where the all style no substance comes in to play quite heavily, all characters have some form of CC and CC breaks/immunity, but yet for some reason some characters have more of them and to such a silly degree which makes the game horrendous for any kind of actual skill and player impact due to the limited CC resist in comparison to the massive amount of hard CCs, Blademasters are the worst offenders for having one of the lowest cooldown CC break/immunity at a low 15 seconds which also counts as a traversal, they are also armed with 3 knockdowns that each lasts for 3 seconds and all have a 10 second cooldown, while still having 2 ultimates that is either a 3 second stun or another 3 second knockdown, which can effectively mean a Blademaster can knockdown chain someone for up to 21 seconds if they time it all and the enemy has their escape(s) on cooldown, the long story short here is that 1v1 pvp in this game is just a giant no no.

Smaller scale PvP is actually alright when it's in some even numbered thing such as the 10v10 or perhaps the 20v20 battlegrounds, the issues with the fairly horrendous class balancing somewhat cancels it self out due to being on some sort of equal playing field (though don't get me wrong it's still an annoying CC-fest, the difference is that you have a bit of a higher chance to live and wait for your CC break(s) to come off cooldown and play defensively) not to say that it doesn't get annoying still that gear is such a huge factor in this game and there's no equalised BG for those that don't have an endless credit card amount, or spend their time flipping items on the auction to make money in some ways.

The general problem with PvP though is that the game doesn't reliably allow for smaller numbers to do anything against larger numbers, the fact that CC is plentiful but any reliable form of CC resistance just completely blows that dream out of the water, there's only so far positioning and focusing on targets will get you when all it takes is for a Blademaster/Vanguard to jump into your back lines and keep you on the floor for the next 10 seconds, while all you can do is perhaps wish you was playing GW2 in which your ally could CC break you or remember how you had 3 ways to escape with reasonable cooldowns and keep your self alive instead.

The only thing I've heard so far to give me some small hope in PvP is that at end game in the CN version plays better with balance due to having more of your talents available and such, but as it stands now it just feels bad to play.

Gear Progression

I've found this to be one of the weaker parts of the game in regards to properly gearing your self, the only real good thing is that you can transfer your refined gear level onto your next piece of gear very easily, this means it's actually a good idea to try and refine your gear to the highest level possible as early as you can, unfortunately you won't get many pieces done or even close to all being +8-10 without pulling out the good old credit card or waiting for a long time to actually get somewhere with in-game progression.

Revelations has been designed for everything to be done at a snails pace, that is unless you are fine with spending some money on the cash shop to almost fully gear up immediately, this can go from selling Aurum for Imperial coins so you can buy already crafted gear or dungeon materials from the auction to craft that gear instead, buying some box from the cash shop to give you as many Bronze shards as you wish which will let you buy dragon spikes to create slots in your gear along with refining materials to get to +10, buying tier beads to put onto your gear and get that last gold bar to slightly improve your gear stats some more, and of course buying the map scrolls in hopes of getting gems to slot into your gear or just buying them off of the auction.

You can still do all of this progression through in-game means and without having to spend, it's just like I said with how it will take you weeks/months to do what some other person did within a day or 2 from just buying from the cash shop, and because everything in Revelations is heavily limited to a day/weekly thing...just don't expect to actually get somewhere fast.

Revelations is still one of the damn best looking games I've seen for a long time, at times you will find your self just wanting to take screenshots of some areas and just take it in with how well they designed the world, I just think it's a huge shame that the majority of the game is spent inside dungeons and repeating the same things every single day from the moment you start levelling.

The only times you find your self actually doing things in the world is when you're doing the yellow story quests which is unfortunately very unfinished due to some poor translations and no voice acting which just leaves you watching a silent screen with minimal animation, the short story on this is what the games main story was an abysmal thing to go through, I honestly think that even if it was properly finished it would still be a very poor experience due to how the entire thing was handled.

At this point though I could just barely recommend playing the game in its current state, PvP is a very poor experience just due to the combat being barely above average, and player CC just being far too heavy and endless.

The PvE in dungeons is still a decent enough experience to keep me interested for a little while longer, if you don't plan on being much of a factor in BG PvP then the game should be fine to actually play if you don't plan on spending some money and instead just stick with PvE, I also can't forget to mention how levelling is heavily limited every day which means you can't reliably level at your own pace, you will be stuck to a pre-defined thing to do every day with no way to catch up properly if you start late. 

Hopefully I may see an improvement in how you can progress once we hit the real end game at 79, not that I see that happening any time soon considering it's took me from launch until now from playing every single day (apart from perhaps 3) to hit level 67.

Revelations website: http://tinyurl.com/jfauo67

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