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OB57 of Paladins will hit the live servers on the 24th of August with the next champion to shake things up, this time it's Strix which is the second sniper based character. Strix is a very unique character in regards to the fact that he has 3 new skill effects/types that no other character yet has, and will hopefully be used by other future characters or potential balance/skill changes to some current characters.

What will make Strix a very different experience to Kinessa is his ability to spot out targets with his flare, his ability to hide and juke flankers coming for him, his sniper being a bolt action instead of a charge up sniper, and lastly the fact that he actually has a second sidearm which is his semi-automatic pistol which will be quite deadly in close range, but even though it can be fired rapidly, it has quite a recoil in which its accuracy will rapidly decrease if you hold down fire too much.

[LMB1] Talon Rifle

A powerful rifle that fires one 1300 damage shot every second.

[RMB1] Scope
Look down your scope and gain pin point accuracy.

Interestingly enough, Strix is able to fire his sniper without actually scoping in, though I'm assuming that the accuracy will be absolutely horrible as there's no aiming reticle on the screen until you scope in with the sniper.


[Q] Quick Switch
Switch to your other weapon.

[LMB2] Side Arm

A semi-automatic pistol that deals 250 damage per shot.

I've not found any seen any official info on how many shots he can fire per second, but it looks like roughly 8 shots per second if you decide to hold down the trigger, in which doing that would dramatically increase the spread to make it difficult to land, though hitting every shot in very close range would be sure to really wreck someones health.


[RMB2] Flare
Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a large radius.

I really like the idea of this skill on a sniper, it gives you the ability to use it both offensively and defensively how ever required for the situation, the defensive option being to cover a particular flank route that you may not be able to keep an eye on, thus giving you the drop on them as they enter a corner and then finish them off with your pistol.


[F] Stealth

Enter stealth and hide yourself from vision. While in Stealth your energy is consumed.

While having a stealth skill is always a nice addition for a sniper character to have, having the ability to activate and de-activate at will is what will make for some really interesting plays. In order to activate it you will need to have a set minimal amount of energy in order to use it, which means a bit of energy management will go a long way when you're expecting an enemy flanker to creep up on you, and being able to use it defensively will really come through with his card builds.


[E] Flash Bang
Throw a Flash Bang grenade that detonate on contact blinding nearby enemies for 3 seconds

His ultimate is another new skill style to be brought into the game, the first image shows how large the explosion radius is, you should just about be able to see the black smoke on the floor where it landed, and all the idle cassie AI that have took damage from it. The second image shows the effect for if you took the full effect of it depending on how close you were to the initial explosion, the further away you are will mean that the effect is a weaker and the duration is also less than the 3 seconds it should be.


As with each patch again Hi-Rez introduces another 2 epic skin sets, these 2 being for Lex and Viktor with a future/spacey vibe going on, both sets will come with a new spray and voice pack. Both sets will be purchasable through the Deep space chest.


Balance/Skill updates

This will be quite an interesting patch with a few character skill changes and interesting balance updates to some characters to hopefully stir things up some more.

There are 3 main character changes coming up, the first being to Lex with the way his duel pistols work, instead of them firing very slowly to the point where he may as well of just had a single pistol, he will now be firing much more rapidly than before all while reducing his damage, to which he is now dealing 400 damage instead of 680.

The second one is a big change to Yings ultimate, before it applied a heal that wasn't very impactful at all for an ultimate but also let Ying teleport I think to the location each ally was at during the time it was cast. What the change has done now has dramatically increased the healing to allies to actually make it properly impactful, all while allowing Ying to teleport to allies regardless of where they for the duration of her teleport skill while the ultimate is up.

The last change being to Ruckus, instead of having his repulsor field for a raw damage reduction skill that also effected nearby teammates, he now has a missile launcher that fires 2 rockets dealing 250 each, this helps make him slightly more of an offensive tank instead of a defensive off-tank.


There is quite a lot of interesting changes overall through the OB57 patch, if you want to check them all out then be sure to head over to the forum here: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?53313-Open-Beta-57-Patch-Notes-August-23rd-2017&p=335757#post335757

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