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Paladins will be releasing 15 new champions this year along with a bunch of other stuff, including a New talent system that can give general stat buffs such as health, defense, damage etc, or even to buff your skills to perhaps give Androxus an extra netherstep charge for example.

With the Paladins OB42 patch preview that has just recently finished streaming on 20th January, we have been shown the next new champion coming out along with the new PvE mode coming as well. The new champion will be the next tank to come into the game that plays very unique from the rest of them, he doesn't have any large shields like the other 3 tanks can deploy, but instead has a self rechargeable shield somewhat similar to what Ruckus has in regards to the shield only effecting him, though Torvald's shield lasts until destroyed instead of lasting a short duration.

(Left click) Basic attack:

His basic attack has 50 ammo and will lock-on to enemies providing you're still aiming roughly around them, the lock-on will be fairly lax to make aiming easy enough to stay connected for anyone that isn't too good at aiming, though the only downside is that it has a fairly short range which will mean you will have to play smart when engaging enemies, it's also only a single target attack and has roughly around 300dps from what I saw.

(Right click) Shield Recharge:

This skill will begin recharging his shield by up to 2125 with a 9 second cooldown, this won't be something that can be auto healed out of combat or healed by an ally, so ideally it will want to be used as soon as it's off cooldown until your shield bar is maxed out, the max shield charge is 6000.

(Q) Shield Projection:

Your allies will have a blue curved line UI to the left and right of them as you can see on the screenshot along with the Q button showing underneath them, when you hit Q on the ally you're aiming at you will project a beefy shield onto an ally that lasts for up to 2 seconds, I have no idea of its range but I would suspect it to have decent enough range to target allies a fair distance away to get some potential shield saves and prevent them from dying, it has a 7 second cooldown which should make for some great active shield play from Torvald.

(F) Silence/disarm blast:

This skill travels a very short distance before exploding as seen above, if any enemies are caught in the blast then they are disarmed to prevent them from shooting and silenced so they can't use any skills, the duration and cooldown is unknown to me as I didn't hear them mention the duration on the stream and the cooldown wasn't displayed. It won't go through enemy shields, but you can fire it above Fernando's shield to disable it by hitting his back, or for Makoa's shield you can just walk into his shield and fire it to disable it.

(E) Special beam cannon!

(No, that's not its real name shamefully)

This ultimate I can see being mad fun to use, instead of it doing some form of viable damage like a lot of the other characters, this skill instead has insane knock-back that you can aim freely for the duration of the cast and has a massively long range, it's capable of sending enemies hurdling off of the map if you're positioned properly and has a 2 second duration, though a great use for it will be to just fling all enemies away that may be on point to give your team the time to get to where they need to be and attack/defend as required.

Some things with Torvald may change when the patch goes live but obviously we'll see when and if that happens, the skill names I wrote down aren't the official names either if you hadn't already guessed, I just simply named them "appropriately" as I could.


The new PvE mode that will be coming (didn't manage to screenshot in time unfortunately) will be a 5 hard AI vs 5 players mode. The current mode will pit players against 4 Makoa's and a Pip that requires players to simply capture the point, only the Ai are "overpowered" so to speak in which they all have 1 skill that's supercharged, such as 1 Makoa may have an incredibly long range and short cooldown hook, another may have a low cooldown Shell Spin that has crazy knock-up, and another has a low cooldown shield that is a lot bigger than normal.

The map that was shown for it was on Tempest Isle, I don't think they mentioned if the maps will variate or not, all I do know is that players can choose what ever characters they want for the mode which I think is a nice feature as I would of expected pre-set characters.

OB42 I think should be arriving next week, unless by chance I'm wrong then it would be the week after starting January 30th.

Paladins Site: https://www.paladins.com/

Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/

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