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OB61 in Paladins will be coming up shortly this week, with it comes quite an exciting new front line champion, a brand new set of skins, and in the PTS is an introduction to a third person mode that may hopefully hit live servers if everything goes well.

The third person view that's currently in testing is something that players have been asking for quite a long time, though at the same time there's people that have been opposed to it with fears that it could ruin the game. Third person is a feature that will be limited to casual queue only, and will not be available in the competitive queue. Ideally this is so that Paladins can stay true to its original gameplay while allowing people to simply have fun with it in casual queue, and also make even more use out of those skins you buy to actually be able to see them your self, instead of everyone but you until you die and see your self briefly on the floor.

I should also mention that the FoV for third person is actually a little lower to prevent having a more wider view of your surroundings over playing in first person, this makes it so that the only real advantage is being able to corner peak without exposing your self, this is something I can say isn't a massive deal in Paladins due to the TTK, while also considering the fact that even pro players would "abuse" emoting to quickly check round corners.

Terminus is a slight throw-back to the old Grover from the very early days of Paladins. Grover used to be a melee damage champion before eventually being re-worked into support character, and instead throwing his axe as opposed swinging it. What makes this tank interesting along side his kit is simply how huge and threatening he looks, and while I've kind of liked the appearances of some of the latest new champions to enter the game, Terminus is a really interesting looking champion that has made me want to play him for that reason alone.

[LMB] Massacre Axe
Swing your axe in a large arc every 1.1s. Enemies hit will take 700 damage.

700 damage actually feels like a lot when you consider that champions generally have around 2000-2500 health, though what I've found so far is that you just simply don't go near Terminus which will usually be found on the point anyway, and the fact that the majority of champions have a movement ability means that you should be able to easily get away depending on some factors.


[RMB] Calamity Blast

Fire a projectile that deals 250 damage. Fire an additional projectile for every Calamity Charge you have stored.

This is the ability to help Terminus not get completely bullied at range with no answer back. Though the damage is low and has a 2 seconds cooldown, it can be massively buffed with storing 4 charges and then launching out a total of 1250 damage at an enemy, 1750 if you take the legendary card to add an extra 100 damage per hit to really force someone to run.


[Q] Power Siphon
Create a powerful funnel that absorbs enemy projectiles. For every 1200 damage absorbed you generate and store a Calamity Charge. You may store up to 4 Calamity Charges.

One of his cards enables him to gain up to 24% damage reduction with the card at level 4 and with 4 charges stored, combining this with his legendary that reduces a further 35% damage taken when under 50% health really turns him into a hard target to kill.


[F] Shatterfall

Leap into the air and bring down your axe in a vicious smash dealing 500 damage and slowing enemies in front of you by 60% for 2s.

This can either be used to help chase and secure a kill, or to try make an escape providing there's not a low ceiling to halt his leap.


[E] Reanimation
Return to life after 2.5s in a large explosion of necromantic energy that deals 4000 damage to affected enemies.

This is another new skill type in Paladins, being able to resurrect is something that no other character is currently capable of. The scary thing about this is that if Terminus is nearby on the enemy team and you're not paying attention to the where he just died and he decides to ult, the end result may end up in you dying instead, what you need to be careful of is the fact that there's no telegraph to show how large the explosion is, so you simply just need to be aware of where he died and respect the fact that he has about 3 seconds before he can no longer activate his Reanimation, which means you may want to get near cover just in case he surprises you with it.


Again as with each patch introduces a few new skins and voice packs. OB61 will be giving Skye an Uncommon skin, Jenos (simply link Paladins to your facebook account) a new Rare, while Talus and Drogoz get a new Epic skin along with a new voice pack for both of them.

If you want to check out the rest of what is coming in the OB61 patch, be sure to head on over to the patch notes page over on the forums here: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?59648-Open-Beta-61-Patch-Notes-October-18th-2017

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