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Paladins has a big content patch with their upcoming OB44. Paladins is a F2P game with an optional purchase to unlock all current and future characters similar to smite, I'm honestly quite impressed with how often they're updating and continuously adding things into the game.

The main changes with this patch will be the introduction of legendary cards; due to the legendary cards coming in though, all bonus damage effects on every character will be removed, an example being Bomb king will no longer deal 200% bonus damage with grumpy bomb to shields. There will be some other character balance changes within OB44, I managed to catch a few of them during their live stream that happened today.

There will be 2 new maps coming in OB44, the first one is Snowfall Junction.

The second map is Primal Court.

With the 2 new maps being introduced, an old Paladins gamemode will also be returning called Survival, it's still a 5v5 game mode but you all have 1 life each, as time goes on within the match you will see fog approaching from all sides of the map until it closes off into the center, the poison fog will eventually engulf the entire map and force a winner at the end of the game if everyone hasn't already been killed by then.

The biggest changes to the game with this patch as mentioned will be the legendary cards. There will be 3 legendary cards for every character in game; every player will get a specific legendary card for free, the other 2 will require you to unlock then in some way such as getting them from Radiant chests from levelling up, or buying the chests later on for gold.

All of the legendary cards for each character are listed as below:

- Turrets are now hitscan instead of projectile, deal slightly increased damage and slight health boost
- Raises turret accuracy, damage falloff and damage
- Barricade gains an extra 4000 health

- Gain 40% bonus for 3 seconds after hitting an enemy with netshot
- Heroic leap now has 2 charges
- His self healing skill will heal 600 health straight away and then regen 1000 health after

Bomb King
- 30% extra damage per bomb that he lands on an enemy
- Self knockback on poppy bomb is increased by 60%
- Grumpybomb destroys all shields after it explodes

- Deal an extra 40% damage with your first shot after using dodgeroll
- First shot against an aerial target after being hit by disengage deals an extra 30% of their maximum health
- Blast shot increased damage by 300

- Increased flight speed of booster by 65%
- Firespit will knock back and deal an additional 30% of its damage over 2 seconds
- Direct hits from his rockets deals 50% more damage

- Ice block will heal Evie 600 health per second while in effect
- (Wormhole card removed and replaced as a legendary) Blink a second time back to her original location within 4 seconds of the first blink
- Reduce cooldown of Soar by 5 seconds (normal cooldown is 10 seconds), stacks with her normal Soar cooldown card to make the cooldown 2.5 seconds

- Regen 40% of max health within 4 seconds when he falls below 50% of his max health
- Fireball deals 30% increased damage for each additional target hit
- Shield has an infinite duration and cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds (Free card) (normal cooldown is 15 seconds for shield)

Grohk (Bounce damage increased from 75 to 125 and bounces 6 times)

- Reduce cooldown of shockpulse by 0.1 seconds per base damage hit
- Allies healed by healing totem gain full CC immunity for 2 seconds
- If you would have died, you will instead ghost walk for 3.5 seconds and heal for 15% of your max health, upon exiting ghost walk the cooldown will be reduced to 1 second enabling you to use it almost straight away a second time

(Funny tip, you could ghost walk normally for 3.5 seconds if you just took heavy damage, then if you died you would instead ghost walk due to the legendary for 3.5 seconds, you would then exit and ghost walk again 1 second later for another 3.5 seconds, virtually giving you 10.5 seconds worth of ghost walking)

- Increase damage scaling over distance by 30%
- Crippling throw now also roots enemies
- Blossom heals for an additional 160 health every second for 4 seconds after activating

Kinessa (Base damage increased to 1200 on a fully charged shot)

- Deals 50% more damage on headshots (bringing the default 50% damage to 100% bonus)
- Fully charge shots will deal 30% more damage within 5 seconds of hitting an enemy again
- Oppressor mines increased slow by an extra 20% (Default slow 30%), mines now also stack on the same target

Maeve (Reduced movement speed by 20%, pounce dash increased cooldown from 8 seconds to 10 seconds)
- Activating 9 lives will cleanse all CC and dot effects
- She can now jump a third time with her passive
- Eliminations now reset the cooldown of pounce (assists or kills)

- 1500 more max health
- Gain 80% bonus damage for your first shot after successfully pulling someone with dredge anchor
- Shell shield is now placed on the ground

Mal Damba
- Dread serpent makes enemies take 20% more damage
- Healing a target already effected by his heal will now be healed for an extra 300 health instantly on top of the normal regen stack
- Goard now slows enemies in the area by 40%

- Explosive flask marks enemies for 3 seconds causing them to take 40% extra damage
- Healing posion heals for double the amount on everyone but only the normal amount on pip, pressing the healing button while it's in the air will explode it in mid air to heal
- You can now double jump during weightless

- Repulsor field, damage reduction field is now an aura to effect allies nearby while in effect, it can now be used without needing to stand on the objective, if you stand on the objective then the damage reduction will be twice as strong.
- Gain 100 extra ammo
- Advance gains a third charge, standing skill causes you to jet highly upwards

Sha Lin
- Draw his bow 15% faster
- Gain 100% life steal during his heat haze ultimate
- Increase stealth duration of withdraw by 3 seconds, making his stealth duration 5 seconds

Skye (Smokescreen increased radius from 15ft to 25ft, the card that increased the radius has been removed)
- Reduce all cooldowns by 100% when getting an assist or kill
- Deal 20% more damage to enemies hit by poison bolts
- Deal 300 bonus damage on your first normal shot from hidden

- Allies effected by protection gain 40% extra damage
- Increases recharge duration by 1.5 seconds
- Increased duration of runic blast by 1 second, bringing the silence duration from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds

- Gain 20% life steal (stacks with the life stealing cards to total up to 50% life steal on level 3 card)
- Grenade launcher deals up to 100% additional damage based on the targets missing health, the lower the enemies health the more damage they take (max damage 1200)
- Hunters mark bonus damage now benefits your entire team (so the enemy will take 15% damage from everyone)

- Gain 15% bonus damage while using Iron sights
- 30% bonus damage while hip firing
- Heal for 250 health per second during hustle

- Deal 200 extra damage if you hit all 5 shots on a target
- If an illusion is killed or spawned over a current illusion, it will trigger a shatter explosion for 500 damage
- Illusions now heal up to 2 people per illusion (the extra heal from an illusion won't target Ying, it will only heal ying if the Illusion actually targets Ying normally)

Some of these legendary cards will of course have an internal cooldown so they don't end up being completely broken, they never stated what the cooldowns will actually be, this is something you could find out in the PTR unless you wait for the patch to go live instead.

Lastly, there will be a new skin as shown above coming up for Drogoz along with giving him a new voice to go with the skin. With all that's happening with the game, I'm quite looking forward to seeing how it will develop further into the future, there seems to be a nice consistent stream of content and live stream developer updates to really keep the community informed into what's happening which I think is great to see.

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