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OB54 will be here on the week starting July 10th with another new damage champion, Lian. Some inspiration for her weapon/kit was apparently derived from older games such as Medal of honour when using the M1 Garand rifle. Her skill set is something of what you would possibly expect overall for a character wielding a rifle like this, so while it's not too visually fancy as a whole, her kit still packs a punch by being able to fight in virtually all ranges, and partially being able to abuse some very long ranged sniping shots with 1 of her skills.

[LMB] Heirloom Rifle

A rifle that has been passed down through your noble house for ages. Deals 400 damage every 0.45s at medium range.

She will be able to fight viably at both close and medium range with this weapon, while it doesn't pack the punch of Androxus' Magnum, it fires slightly faster as a whole instead, all while her skills is what will allow her to do some potential burst damage by comboing them with her basic fire.


[RMB] Valor
Fire a charged shot dealing 400 damage to all enemies in front of you. Acts as a weapon attack. (8 seconds cooldown)

This is a very interesting skill to have in the game, simply due to the fact that as long as they are in your weapon maximum range and you can simply see them infront of you, her alternate fire skill will deal a straight 400 damage, think of it like Lex's ultimate where it hits enemies that are on your screen without having to aim at them.

If Lian has the Wrecker or Cauterize cards bought, the effect of those cards will be applied on the shot. (this is what "Acts as a weapon attack" basically means)

[Q] Presence

Charge your rifle for 0.5s then fire a long range shot that pierces enemies and deals 800 damage. Acts as a weapon attack.  (15 seconds cooldown)

This skill has an interesting property in which it rewards hitting your targets by reducing the cooldown of the skill from 15 seconds, to 9 seconds. The other unique thing about Presence is that it has unlimited range and no damage fall-off, this is what I meant by being able to abuse some long range sniper shots, if you see someone running away with low health and you think you can hit them, this is the skill you want to have off cooldown and ready to use. This shot fires really quickly as well, so this is what you can also use if you want to get that burst damage in by hitting your basic shot first, firing Presence off after and then hitting them again with another basic shot, that will be a quick 1600 damage.


[F] Grace
Quickly dodge in the direction you are moving and fire a rifle a shot dealing 400 damage to the enemy nearest to where you are aiming. Acts as a weapon attack. (5 seconds cooldown)

This has 2 properties similar to 2 other champions in the game, those being a similar dodge skill to Cassie in which you get a quick 3rd person view while dogeing in the direction you are pressing but with less range coverage, and Lex's aim bot ability but only firing once for 400 damage. It will make a great skill to use in a duel to throw someones aim off while chipping at their health, or to dodge behind cover with.


[E] Enlightenment

Channel the power of your noble blood to gain damage and CC immunity for 1s then fire a powerful blast that passes through enemies and deals 1600 damage. Killing an enemy with Enlightenment will refund 50% of your ultimate charge.

I like this skill personally for several reasons, 1 being the elegant stance she takes in third person before putting a bullet through the enemy, the second being damage and CC immunity so you can calmly choose your target(s) to eliminate, and the third being that killing a target recovers a massive 50% ultimate charge, so just like her Presence skill, it rewards finishing off your target.

As soon as you get a full ultimate charge with her I think it will immediatly change her gameplan slightly, ideally into really focusing onto a target you see is in the open and ready for an easy kill. If you consider that most characters have 3k or less hp, her ultimate will be really fun to use for the fact that you could do the burst damage off basic fire>presence>basic fire>ultimate, anyone sitting on 3200 or below will be melted within seconds, what's even better is that the bullet (in the shape of a small phoenix) cleaves straight through enemies to give you more opportunities and not worry who's in the way.

As with most updates so far there will be a couple new skins coming with the patch, these being the Tyra Dire wolf skin, and the Inara Icewalker skin, both of them are Epic skins that come with a weapon, voice pack, skill effects, and sprays


There is quite some interesting changes with both balancing this patch mostly focusing on Legendary cards, along with something that I'm sure many Paladins players have been wanting, this being faster essence progression and even chests.

This is quoted from the patch notes:

“At present, cards are too difficult to unlock. It’s always been our goal to offer meaningful character progression as you play Paladins, but as we have been listening to feedback and monitoring our data, it is clear that the time necessary to acquire cards is too long.

This Patch we will be addressing this issue from a few different angles. Players will be earning chests at an accelerated rate along with lower crafting costs (without a reduction in duplicate values), New avenues to earn essence, and a 60% increase in weekly quest gold rewards. Having a healthy economy is a balancing act and gold costs of cosmetic items and Champions will be increasing.”

If you want to read the full list of changes, balance notes, and the essence changes in detail, then head on over to the forum here to check everything coming in OB54: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?47555-Open-Beta-54-Patch-Notes-July-12-2017

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