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OB55 is coming to Paladins on the week starting July 24th. This will be one of the more bigger patches as there's so much coming into it, such as the new champion, new map, more maps added to onslaught, and some more new skins along with Ruckus default skin being completely changed.

Jenos will be Paladins' newest Support character to enter the realm and with a much more heavy focus on being able to actually damage other champions. Hi-Rez have stated that they want support characters to not feel like they're only there to heal and not offer much more than that, so far the supports all have diverse kits and with the ability to pull off damage, Jenos though as they've stated will have much more focus on dealing damage to help attract those players that enjoy the damage roll more, but while being able to support your team with heals.

[LMB] Star Splitter

An otherworldly weapon that channels the power of the stars. Deals 120 damage every 0.13s at medium range.

Jenos is the first support champion to have an actual rifle based weapon, even though Ying is also a hit-scan based character capable of some good damage, Jenos will have a much easier time doing it due to not being restricted to a semi-auto weapon and instead having a full-auto rifle capable of high consistent damage.


[RMB] Astral Mark

Apply a celestial blessing through all obstacles, healing for 250 Health every second for 10 seconds.

Jenos' heal has a very unique feature about it in that it allows him to heal targets that aren't even in his LoS, and with the correct cards he will be able to simultaneously heal multiple targets consistently. He will be a great support to pick to really help out allies that are flanking the enemy that any other healer may not normally be able to assist.


[Q] Void Grip
Channel gravitational energy and lift an enemy up, dealing 150 damage every second for 2.5s. If the victim manages to move while lifted it will interrupt Void Grip.

This is an incredible offensive support skill to use on enemies just for the fact that the enemy is left dangling in the air for such a long period, the counter play is that if the enemy has a movement skill that is off cooldown then they will be able to escape the grip, otherwise they're going to have a bad time and most likely get focused down while left immobile.


[F] Stellar Wind

Lower your weapon and move 75% faster while increasing your jump height and lowering your fall speed.

As if Seris wasn't a slippery character to catch already, Jenos is able to toggle this ability on and off at will with absolutely no cooldown at all, personally it seems a little bit crazy to me considering that he has a 75% speed increase and is able to reposition when at high ground to potentially escape depending on the map.


[E] Through Time and Space
Lock yourself in place and gather the power of the cosmos for 1.5s becoming CC immune, then unleash your energy in a long range blast that pierces through all obstacles and deals 2400 damage.

From what I've seen so far about his ultimate is that this has no range limit, so combining that with the ability to fire through walls will mean unexpected death for some, this will combo great with Cassies ultimate to see through walls and snipe enemies off with his ult, and especially Seris ultimate when pulling everyone in together.


As per each patch there is yet another batch of skins coming into the game, this round will be a Rare skin set for Mal Damba, an Epic for Willo, and an Epic for Torvald, both epics will have new visual skill effects and voice packs.

Ruckus will be getting his new default skin in OB55 as already mentioned, one of the reasons for changing was something along the lines of the old skin was causing performance issues and was one of the key things into dropping players frame-rate when Ruckus was around, I would assume that this issue would be more of a thing to players with an average/below average rig as I never experienced it my self, so it was good of them to do this either way.

His old skin will be available either on the same patch or later down the line under the name of Beta from what they said on stream, though that does slightly confuse me unless they intend to somehow fix the issues that his skin was creating in the first place.


New Map: Splitstone Quarry

This map is for the games Siege mode which is basically the main mode of the game. Splitstone Quarry has a very fresh look to really make it distinct from most of the other maps. One of the interesting things about this map is that it actually has an area(s) in which you can die from the scenery it self, the one I'm aware of is small room that has some molten core coming down that will kill any player that touches it.

Hi-Rez also briefly discussed about the map within the patch notes as follows:

Environment Art
“We are bringing a whole new art set and visual look to the Realm with our latest siege map, Splitstone Quarry. Set deep in a large scale gold mining operation it was an opportunity to explore a more industrial setting. It also allowed us to showcase an area that ties heavily into the backstories of a couple of our champions and introduce new types of environmental hazards.”

Level Design
"Splitstone Quarry's capture point is cut into the deepest section of the quarry and forces players to defend from above while contesting the objective. While there are quick side routes, flankers will have to watch out for dangerous environmental hazards. The payload must be pushed through a corridor that emphasizes long range firefights.”

If you want to check out the rest of the patch notes that also contains all of the balance and bug fixes, then head over to the forum from here: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?49568-Open-Beta-55-Patch-Notes-July-26th-2017&p=308588#post308588

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