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OB45 is coming up shortly on Paladins and Hi-Rez has just introduced the newest and first female tank to the roster in which many people have been asking for.

Inara has a very fresh tanking style that completely seperates her from the rest of the current tanks; instead of using shields of any sort, she goes for pure damage reduction on activation and the ability to wall herself and her allies off from damage, or even use it to separate enemies that have entered out of a choke or walked through a door.

(LMB): Fires a 3 shot projectile burst each dealing 225 damage. The projectiles aren't too fast when travelling forward so they will require you to lead yours shots, they're also long range allowing her to attack enemies at distances.

(Q): Creates a wall that lasts for 6 seconds, it has a 15 second cooldown after it's destroyed. The wall it self does have a HP bar enabling enemies to destroy it before the 6 second duration runs down, it can also be placed down at quite a decent range as shown above, or to allow Inara and anyone else under the wall placement to be raised up to get to high ground locations.

(F): Creates a ward stone that slows enemies down by 60% and damages everyone in a small radius for 30 damage per tick for 150 damage per second. The ward is placed down right under Inara as opposed to being place down like the wall at distance, so it can be really handy to place down in tight rooms or on a capture point, or even aid Inara when trying to escape down hallways and such by dropping it behind her to slow down her attackers.

(RMB): 30% damage reduction for 6 seconds with an 11 seconds cooldown. Pretty straight forward skill, it's displayed clearly so you can see that it's active and for how long, using it when you see you're about to take heavy incoming fire will be incredibly helpful for her survival, such as popping it right as a Bomb King lands 1 or 2 bombs for example.

(E): Her ultimate briefly puts you into a third person perspective as you activate it, Inara will then throw a spear that can go through shields, it damages for 200 and stuns all targets in the area for 2 seconds. It could ideally be used to help take out a key target that you want eliminated, or ideally to stun a group of enemies that got too close to each other; since Inara doesn't have any big damage her self though, you will want to use it when your allies are nearby for them to capitalise on the 2 second stun it provides.

Her legendary cards all seem to be really useful depending either on your playstyle or enemy team comp. The extra 20% damage reduction would be great to have if they have a couple flanks and close range dps that will be harrasing you, the cripple will be great if you're fighting against enemies that you feel you need to disable their escape skills if they're foolish enough to get too close, and then of course her 7 second cooldown reduction to her wall to really help deal with mitigating with enemy ranged damage if that's the biggest threat.

With each patch seems to come a new skin or 2, this time it's for Tyra and Androxus to give them a new costume set. There is also a whole host of character balance changes that's listed over on the Paladins forums for those interested, along with a new PvE mode and another test queue rotation for their unreleased maps.

If you want to look at the rest of the OB45 patch notes, check them out here: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?31957-Open-Beta-45-Patch-Notes-March-3rd-2017&p=188304#post188304

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