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I've always been an avid fighting game fan, I play them fairly casually with most of my focus being on Street Fighter. I've took quite a break from Overwatch as of recently simply due to burnout, and even though I've known about Doomfist being the next potential hero to be released...I still never really had any hype about the character, this is partially due to Blizzard learning their lesson from over hyping a character (Sombra in this case), and also because I didn't think I would be bothered by another damage character to enter the game, but playing him in the PTR so far though has completely swayed my thoughts, all while giving the feeling of a fighter like hero entering the roster.

Seismic Slam

His Seismic Slam skill was an interesting one to figure out, there was two things I discovered that wasn't included in the skill description, I have no idea if this will be put in after the PTR or not, but hopefully they do as I would consider them both to be quite crucial to fully utilising Doomfists mobility.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have leaped in the air with his shift skill (Rising Uppercut) which will then display a blue cone when you're aiming towards the ground, what this cone is showing is that you will land just behind the back of the blue cone and that the AoE damage of the skill will actually land there. The handy bit about the blue cone in general is simply knowing exactly how far you're able to leap when you smash down the E key.

The second thing I figured out completely by accident with a couple hours of play, is that once you leap in the air with his Uppercut, providing the platform is in the Seismic Slam maximum range of where you're wanting to go, you will actually be able to leap right on top of the edge of a platform. So for example, looking at the first screenshot above again, pretend that you're on the path escorting the payload down below, hit shift so you can uppercut into the air, and then simply aim towards the edge of the platform above to leap on top of the castle building that my character was stood on, this may potentially be a bug considering that he's supposed to be slamming down towards the ground, and not diving upwards onto roofs.

I actually thought that the Seismic slam was a skill that you would simply activate very much like Winstons leap when you're in the air, but it turns out that when you have leaped into the air with his uppercut, the game won't actually allow you to use his seismic slam if the game knows you will hit a wall before touching the ground.

Rising Uppercut

This skill has several great uses, but also the longest cooldown of 12 seconds. We already know that the skill enables you to follow up with his Seismic Slam, this allows you to really scale the map to either get to a flanking point above if you wish, to chase someone down, or even disengage from a fight if your slam is off cooldown.

The combat purpose of his uppercut is obviously to deal damage, but to also knock a player up into the air. The best bit about this skill is just the fact that you're actually doing a Shoryuken on someone, this skill along with the rest of his kit really makes him feel like an incredibly fun brawler.

Rocket Punch

This is where Overwatch meets Captain Falcon. Rocket punch honestly has to be one of the most deadliest skills in Overwatch along with it being one of the most fun and satisfying things to land on someone. The base damage on a fully charged punch I've been told is 100, the tooltip mentions that the damage increases if the enemy hits a wall after being knocked back by the punch, since there's tons of lobbies in the PTR with Doomfist custom games, it's very possible to land plenty of wall hits and scoring up to 250 damage, I honestly want to know if that's the top damage or if it can go even higher.

Meteor Strike

I was definitely not expecting his ultimate to behave in the way that it does. Doomfist will almost instantly leap straight into the air and leave you with this camera, your character isn't actually there while using the ultimate, this means that you could use it to actually escape damage and completely back out of a fight if you wish, or simply use it the way you would expect and watch as everyone scatters to get away from each other before Doomfist comes crashing down.

An interesting thing about his ultimate is that no one can see what you see, by which I mean this giant circle that you're moving along, the only time enemies will see it is when the blue bar has filled on your screen meaning you're forced to crash down onto the ground (or if you hit your primary fire to come down early) which means the enemies will finally see a red circle until he lands about 1 second later.

Like with many other ultimates though, this isn't totally safe to use as Doomfist will be briefly left vulnerable to damage due to being unable to move, so it's something you may not want to use in the open if you're not sure you're going to get a kill or 2 and be left as a sitting target waiting to be shot.

Doomfist so far has been an incredibly fun character to play, you would almost think you're playing an entirely different game with him. One of the satisfying things to do with him is to actually combo all of your skills on someone, such as Rocket Punch>shoot>uppercut>shoot>Seismic slam>shoot, ideally a 200hp player should be dead on or before the second shot if you land everything, you can combo all your hits in different ways as well if you start off a fight already in close range.

It all makes for a really action combat experience when you're just punching the hell out of the entire roster almost as if you're playing some first person fighting game, I've already seen threads on the Overwatch forums with people saying Doomfist should get a Ryu costume, Captain falcon, or One punch man costume, it would be great to see Overwatch actually cross over costume themes from other franchises, I just doubt it would ever happen due to the costs required to do so, but either way, the bottom line is that Doomfist is stupidly fun.

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