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The best thing to come to Overwatch ever since its release is the introduction of the new game browser that will be within the Arcade section of the game, it's currently on the PTR for everyone on PC to play with and has had nothing but praise so far.

What's made games like TF2 survive up to today and still be an incredibly popular game is that is has a custom game browser as well, players are able to create a lobby of all different player sizes and game modes along with all the other insane custom modes that got introduced into the game much later.

I have experienced quite a variety of custom games so far and there's still many that I've not had the chance to play as I'm scrolling down the browser. While we're able to make our own lobbies and set what level and mode we want, we're also able to really customise every hero's base stats all at once or individually if you really want that finer tone of "balance" depending on what kind of mode you're doing, some of the fun modes I've played so far have been things like:

- Boss Mode

This has been something with multiple different varietys, the most popular version has been using the current tank characters as one of the bosses to choose from, or simply a single tank in which Roadhog has been a popular choice to use. The idea has been to heavily buff up the tanks health and potentially their damage resistance usually with a lot of tweaking during or after each match to really find that right line of "balance" and fun. Other games have been some sort of boss and minions vs 6 other "hero" players to vs off against each other, characters and even skills can be disabled to help make sure it doesn't end up horribly balanced as well.

- Reinhardt on steroids (or some other similar title to express a crazy Reinhardt only mode)

So far it's been all out Rein brawls moving at crazy speeds, no cooldowns, almost instant ult building and fire strike travelling like a bullet, it's usually been done on a point capture map with fast capping speeds due to the also instant respawning.

- Pro Genji Simulator 2.0

I joined this originally because the name was just silly enough for me to want to join, the result was Genji only with 20hp, +500% damage, and +300% movement speed, the best part is due to the movement speed increase it allows you to climb up walls and launch into the sky if you don't actually climb over the wall, but instead just go up.

- Custom CSGO

The name kinds of speaks for it self but this was surprisingly fun, it was done on the capture point maps in order to work instead of escorting any payload. The person that created it made it so you could only pick Widowmaker, Soldier76 and McCree to try and emulate the idea and also fine tuned everyones stats to really help give it the feeling, one of those being that you didn't have to really charge up usually any more than 35% or so of Widowmakers sniper to give her a much quicker and fluid experience.

- Junkrats Revenge (because "Junkenstein" isn't allowed to be used as a name which is quite interesting)

The host tried to make a 4v4 mode on Eichenwalde with the characters used from the PvE event, he tried to make it a little more interesting by custom balancing the heroes to give it a unique experience outside of any normal quickplay, such as Roadhog having a massive health pool but much lower damage, and Mercy being much harder to kill but also having much lower damage and such.

and lastly the most popular mode...(there's plenty of other custom modes but these have stuck out to me so far from the bits I've been playing)

- +500% everything!

You will see this a lot when it's released, one of the more fun ways of playing it in full hectic mode like has been in Skirmish, so there's no objectives and instant respawns, the result is pure dumb deathmatch fun where no winning team exists, while the concept of 500% everything can seem quite stupid; it just gives that "thing" that people have been wanting for a while on this game, a place to blow off steam and play as stupid as you want with no toxicity among players.

As much as I have loved playing Overwatch, I really found my playtime coming to a crawl from having nothing new to do and the unfortunate situation of Quickplay turning into a playground with a combination of people that do and don't care about playing properly. The Custom game browser has really reinvigorated my enjoyment of the game again by just being able to play a bunch of new and crazy modes and especially not having to consistently worry about character picks and team mates, if you was feeling anything like my self then perhaps this patch is just what you need to help you get playing again.

Hopefully Blizzard will expand on their game browser by implementing other features, one of the popular ones so far has been to allow people to save their custom games, right now there's no way to save your settings which means backing out of your own lobby will leave you with a rather bitter taste in your mouth if you spent for ever creating and fine tuning your own mode. I've also seen suggestions to make an option to turn on third person mode only in the game browser, something similar to how spectator works when it jumps into third person but possibly with the camera moved a bit so your character doesn't obstruct too much view.

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