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Lawbreakers is a game I had my eye on ever since I originally heard of it sometime after I found out about Overwatch, the game was being advertised here and there and I was quite interested to see just how exactly the game played, unfortunately the game did not live up to the hype.

I avoided writing any review about the game simply on the premise that I didn't think I would do it any justice, this is just based on the fact that I simply didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would and only clocked in around 10-15 hours total, plus I was very curious to see just what exactly the player-count would be come release, not that the open beta player-count filled me with any great expectations. Instead the game is left with a current average of 779 players and not really any more than 1000 during its peak.

So where do I think this game went wrong? well, to begin with I honestly feel that the game is trying to sell it self too much on a premise that simply doesn't exist in the game it self, or what little of it does exist changes absolutely nothing at all when you're actually playing it, meanwhile the second "selling" point is nothing short of a gimmick that gets old a little too quick.

The name of the game is "Lawbreakers", one faction being the "Law" and the other being the "Breakers". While the idea of that is nice in a game if implemented properly to have 1 faction vs the other, Lawbreakers does absolutely nothing to make you feel like you're actually on a specific side, at least not outside of the fact that each class has 2 characters, so one for the Law and the other for the Breakers, it's just a shame that that's where the differences end.

This includes the gamemodes that I had played during the betas (I'm not aware of any new modes being introduced into live), they were all just a symmetrical experience going from both the map design and the objective that both teams are working for, there's nothing wrong with that in general though don't get me wrong, my simple point is that a game based on factions is nothing more than a marketing gimmick that no-one seems to have bought into. It honestly just feels like a lost opportunity, they could of added in some proper attack/defense modes like a ctf, escort, siege, but all tailored to the Lawbreakers Universe, and an actual feel that you're playing as 1 faction against the other, instead of trying to grab and throw the ball into the goal.

One of the games other major gimmicks is its low-gravity combat, which is basically a specific part of each map that has a low-grav zone to bounce around in. Not many games have such a core feature in their games, but my problem is that it's only fun for so long to be in a low-grav environment, I personally found my self getting rapidly bored far too quick to my liking even though I would be doing quite well on the majority of my games.

The one thing I couldn't quite put my finger on is why exactly I disliked and personally found most of the skills to be boring. Even though Lawbreakers is basically the same game genre as Overwatch and Paladins, I always find my self actually enjoying the majority of each games roster, but there was something about Lawbreakers that didn't quite sit well with me, part of it could of been due to how with some characters like the Medic was virtually limited to one incredibly boring to use skill, while the other is simply their main way of actually traversing the maps via a jetpack on an energy bar, leaving you doing nothing more than healing your allies by simply pointing your finger at them and suddenly they're getting healed, so no fancy animation or skill effects, you just simply pointed your finger at them, exciting.

While I'm never one to normally turn my nose down at a game with great graphics quality, part of me just feels like this is where most of the budget went into the game, kind of like how Battlefront EA made a blunder of it self and the only redeeming thing about it is how the graphics are fantastic along with all the attention to detail to each map, including how they had people go out to some of the original scene areas to the game to really make the game maps look as good as possible.

The system specs for Lawbreakers are quite high, the biggest problem I had was that I was trying to play the game with 8GB or ram, where I'm pretty sure that a whopping 16GB was the preferred number to run the game smoothly, so I had to adjust a lot of my settings to medium or lower just so my RAM wouldn't choke. Then again I question why they're bothering to waste their time creating 2 models (along with needing a voice actor for each one) per class on a game that literally doesn't need it, not unless you heavily care about lore anyway...but then you can just look at Overwatch and realise that the population really isn't that fussed about having 1 McCree stop the payload while his clone brother wearing the same outfit is trying to push it on the other team.

I feel like I'm beginning to trail off, I suppose what I'm basically saying is that the developers had a good idea but heavily failed to jump onto it properly, the overall game experience I personally felt was quite bland and lifeless, if I want a fast paced game then I'll hop onto Doom, UT, or what ever else there is to get my fast paced experience.

"Why not just play Lawbreakers instead?", well the game isn't actually as fast paced as it would have you believe, not outside of a few classes that have a few movement skills to throw you off your aim, and then the bit that gets most of your average players is dealing with the low-grav environment when players are jumping over their head and then dashing in another direction again, while that does make it "fast paced" in some regards, I personally felt it was just an illusion to give it that fast paced experience for how ever brief, though the main problem is simply how some classes such as the wraith and gunslinger were the core 2 classes to basically abuse the low-grav environment the most while being 2 of the top picked classes due to their ridiculous damage.

I do remember playing during the alpha stages of the game and personally I didn't enjoy it all that much then either, something just felt really lacklustre to where I couldn't feel excited playing it and wanting to jump right into the next match. I honestly think it's a lot of small combinations that made me simply not like the game overall, and perhaps it's the same with many others as well. I think one of the big things Lawbreakers is missing is personality, it kind of felt like a dried up raisin left in a pack of fresh ones, by which I mean the characters just feel lifeless to where you just don't care about them, the game doesn't really have any charm, the class skills didn't feel exciting to use, and even though great graphics are always nice to have, there is once again no charm in the overall art-style of the game.

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