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I've been looking forward to Kritika for quite a long time, the combat looked flashy and fun, and the art style looks pretty sweet as well, but upon finally playing the game my self finally? it's done nothing more than disappoint me.

The core gameplay experience feels pretty fun when you start, the game is fluid and plays quite nice. My issue with the game is simply how incredibly basic it feels, it's like an all style but no substance thing in where it looks and feels fun to play at the start, but as you start getting into the meat of it...well, it honestly just lacks in what you would possibly want out of combat, and the boss encounters are especially dull.


When playing action combat games, the fun usually comes with being able to lure up large amounts of mobs and lay waste to them, but the main part is that it's actually entertaining to lay waste to them. For players like my self that are experienced with action combat and enjoy a good challenge, this game doesn't seem to really offer it so far in regards to the mobbing process. It's hard to explain what the problem is entirely, but to put it in the most simple way possible would be to say that the mobs feel very slow, dull, predictable, and that it's simply too easy to CC them to death with normal attacks.

If I can use Tera as an example of entertaining mobbing, it would be the fact that in the game you find your self going into dungeons to grind for exp, before you could do it solo and get the full exp per run, but now it's been changed into needing a party to get the full amount, but regardless of how it's been changed, the fact of the matter is that the mobs are aggressive in their attacks and don't always stagger when you hit them, this means you had to actively dodge around them and play with your CC skills to keep them in check while you try to lay waste to them, it felt rewarding and entertaining to pull off.

Here comes the problem I've felt so far in Kritika, just about everything you do will stagger the mobs and keep them in a juggled state which renders them helpless until they finally drop to the floor and slowly get up, you feel that you're playing the game on easy even when it's on the hardest setting, the only difference in the difficulties is how much health the enemies have and the damage they deal, so as long as you can keep freely playing football with their heads, there's basically nothing to fear.

Perhaps playing games like Dragon Nest spoiled me when it comes to a more in-depth experience as a whole, the game had genuine combos that could actually be dropped and we're fun to pull off, whereas on Kritika the mobs are stuck in infinite juggle regardless of what combination of skills you do or don't use.

What is really bothering me on kritika is the lack of skills to use and general interest to them, at level 30 I had gained my last reasonable low-cooldown skill which is at 15 seconds, my next skill has a 40 second cooldown i think after that it's 60 seconds and higher, which means that the entire game would be me pressing the same 7 buttons in rapid succession, 1 other skill requiring me to use 1 of my 3 secondary class skills up to 10 times to build up a special bar, and 1 other to help with gathering mobs from behind me and dumping them in front with big damage.

Now, while a few of my current skills are kind of fun to use, the problem is that the rest just didn't give me any real satisfaction in using them, I just felt like I was going through the motion of simply using them to deal x amount of damage, games like Blade and Soul gives you 8 skills to readily use with extras having situational requirements to activate or even change the properties of them entirely, it had a very fun combat system as a whole, and especially for it being an MMO, but yet I'm feeling like an instanced game like Kritika thats entire focus is dungeon crawling just simply feels like it's lacking.

Boss encounters:

The boss encounters so far into the game have felt OK at best, at least for the general low level encounters you would expect in any game, naturally you would expect the boss encounters to get better and have some general mechanics as you progress into the game and get to a higher level, but from what I've experienced along with a bunch of videos I've watched to feed my curiosity, all I've found is that nothing seems to really improve.

I found that some of the bosses do not seem to reliably play very well as a melee character either, by which I mean some bosses will have plenty of instant attack skills meaning you have no chance of actively dodging them, it wouldn't be so much of an issue if they didn't do a bunch of damage on hard difficulty with (difficulties go from easy, normal, hard and insane, the last one you generally want to be in a party to do it in a reliable time frame even as a good solo player), lowering the difficulty below hard simply trivialises the bosses far too much, so really hard is the difficulty you want if you don't want it to be far too easy and actually get the increased exp at the same time.

The gameplay that you experience around level 20, 30 and so on will literally be all the same time, with the only difference being that you have the majority of your skills which are the low cooldown skills at level 30, so the only thing to look forward to would of been unique boss encounters, but even that seems to be lacking.

One boss by the name of Ilya left a largely bitter taste in my mouth after just defeating her two times, the first time I managed to beat her by playing very defensively and using my few limited ranged attacks due to her instant attacks and very deadly skills. The second time I went against her though was the real nuisance, I thought that I would go a little bit more aggressive to try and get it done quicker due to the lengthy fight I had the first time, this resulted in me being insta-killed 2 times from an animation that is virtually impossible to react to due to the speed of it.

As shown in the screenshot above, she pretty much instantly throws out an attack that goes forward quite slowly while spinning and doing major damage, if you was foolish enough to try and melee her then you would be welcomed to this instant death skill, one major flaw I've found in this game so far is that there's no way to i-frame out of damage once you've been staggered, something that Dragon Nest does very well in that regard when it comes to escaping staggered hits, the other nuisance is that you're unable to dodge cancel out of any attack that you do which I've felt makes the game feel a little clunky in that regard, and is something I've found my self being on the receiving end of boss damage while I'm locked in animation just as the boss decides to attack.

I just want to touch on the maps them self, while I don't exactly expect the best thing ever, I would of expected at least some half decent map design, the entire game is based on fairly small rooms that are all instanced from one another, it just feels like an arcade experience of walk into the next small zone room, lure all mobs, beat them to death effortlessly, rinse and repeat.

If the maps happened to have been a more decent size and not just consistently walking through what may as well of been a small corridor, then I could of seen it being a little better of an experience, instead my overall feeling was nothing short of tedium as you're basically required to do the same dungeon about 4 times before proceeding onto the next small corridor based experience.


I honestly wish I had something to actually praise the game about outside of saying that it's a decently fast paced beat-em-up with plenty of movement ability. While I'm sure the PvP may actually be quite decent to some, I already find that I don't like it simply due to the games combat being based around catching your opponent out (most likely by accident by throwing out any large AoE/ranged attack) and juggling them for as long as you can while they simply wait to finally land on the ground so they can roll away, or just simply die in 1 juggle combo.

So much like the PvE in this game, the only difference is that you're playing football with a players body instead of an AI monster, you can learn an entire PvP combo by bouncing around an AI corpse in PvE because there's no possible way to escape juggling in PvP unless you actually hit the floor properly, or exit out of stagger animation if you're stood up still. I suppose really this is more of a personal thing in what I want out of my gameplay as I've enjoyed playing Fighting games such as Street fighter in where you can't get cheesed out of your health from 100-0 with no control over your character, or once again with me bringing up Dragon Nest in where you had several opportunities to break out of any potential combo and i-frame out of it, I've always took towards games that have more to offer when it comes to competitive skill based PvP.

All in all, Kritika is a decent game, it's not bad by any means, it's just an average game that I could recommend someone to play if they're looking for a game to casually get into and aren't really experienced in games like this just because of it's overall simplicity in both its quite easy to learn combat, simplistic PvE, and dumb fun pvp if you're not looking for something super serious. I honestly don't feel like the game does anything particularly well or stands out in any real way to drag in players, it seems like this game was a missed opportunity when you look at some of the core features of the game, such as how fluid the combat is.

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