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Hyper Universe is a game I've been very interested to play for quite a while since I saw initial trailers/gameplay of it a while ago, from playing both the alpha and CBT so far, I can safely say that this game hasn't disappointed.

This game is yet another moba to enter into the market, we've seen a fair few of them try to some onto the PC scene only to end up dying out after not too long, all while the two titans such as LoL and Dota2 are sporting a huge playerbase between them. What is it that makes Hyper Universe a game worth playing over either of them? or even another somewhat unique moba like Smite for that matter? well, that's what I'm really wanting to get in to.

Starting off for the first time will introduce you to the basic tutorial (which can be skipped, but not really recommended especially with how short it is) to teach you some of the core basics, there is then the training room and the games PvE mode to go up against 4 AI with 3 other human players to further help you learn some of the game, the PvE mode is something I would recommend playing if it's your first time playing just to give you a better understanding of what to potentially expect before going up against other players.

The practice room I found to be an amazing addition to the game, not only because it allows you to play-test every Hyper without having to buy them first, but because it allows you to spend time theory crafting gear builds while in the main menu, and then try them out while you're in the training room.

I found my self spending a long time just playing about with so many characters, not only to learn all of their moves for when I go against them, but to also practice possible ways to link up combo's of attacks through chaining CCs, or trying to get as much damage out as possible. The features I really liked in the training room was how it allows you to choose your training dummy character, letting the AI take control and attack, resetting your hp/mp/skill cooldowns, and increasing your level as you see fit.

The core concept of Hyper Universe is still the same as with any other moba, kill minions and take down the towers to help your minions push towards the enemy base and destroy it, so what is it that's really making it different? well, the game is in a 2D map setting so there's no 3d elements to play with, instead you are travelling in between the 7 floors via ladders, specific platforms to drop down from, springs that have 2 charges at any one time to bounce up a floor, and teleporting to one of 4 portal exits at your side of the map.

The fun in Hyper Universe comes from how combat focused it is, you start off with all of your skills (apart from your ultimate that you get at level 6) that don't require to be levelled up as the game progresses, instead the skill power comes from simply buying/upgrading your pre-set gear that you either built your self in the main menu, or the default one given to every character for you to just pick up and play with.

What really built my enjoyment from the game was also how easy it was to learn all of the characters, one issue I've personally had with some mobas is how they don't let you test out characters in a training mode just to see what they do before playing against them, along with all this I just outright enjoyed the way that all of the skills work and how impactful you can be as a single player if you play right.

While it may be obvious that some characters may be harder to play than others, I found that every character so far has some pretty cool ways you can actually use them once you've simply figured out their basics and potentially correct way to use them. Jennifer (the super hero girl in the screenshot here) was a character I couldn't quite understand to begin with, I just found that it was too easy for enemies to get out of my range and avoid my hits and CCs, but after playing her for a bit longer and messing about with her more in training mode, I finally found that the best way to play her (at least from what I've discovered from my limited time so far) is never to engage an enemy that's basically on the same lane as you.

Playing Jennifer (that goes under the Brawler category) means that her strength comes in through surprise attacks and the CC that she offers, so much like on the screenshot above, I collapsed from the floor above down on top of someone from simply checking my map for their position and using one of her skills that allows her crash through ceilings and floors, the weakness of this skill is that simply using it on the spot makes it easy to avoid due to her jumping in the air slightly and then slamming the ground, and because the AoE isn't that large it makes it easy to miss. Once I found that was the best way to play her and to avoid straight ahead fights in front of me, she became a whole different beasts that allows her to really be a pain when in a team fight after initiating.

One other thing that I found to be a pretty nice addition to the game is the boss that spawns near the bottom floor in the center here, the Mk1 version of the boss drops some gold and buffs to pick up, but when the boss finally respawns a second time it changes what it gives completely, the team that kills it will have 2 siege tanks spawn in your base in which one will go on the top and the other at the bottom lane and proceed towards the enemy base.

The siege tanks really changes the game in what both teams need to do, such as one team may actually want to escort the tanks while the other attempts to take them out and force a fight between 2 teams, the siege tanks do have quite a lot of health so it's quite crucial to win the fight before focusing on the tanks them self, what makes them quite scary is that they have a lot of range, meaning the tanks are able to sit far out of the towers range to take out the towers or the base it self. One thing I tried which happened to work on a game was that I used the teleport in my base to get outside and then headed back to my base where the enemies and siege tanks was, I ambushed them from behind and had my team push after I jumped them, if there's something the defending team shouldn't do (unless you have a reliable tank player on your team) it would be to not try and push straight forward when you're in the base choke.

As a player, I've personally loved the game. All of the characters have so much personality for a moba in that it can help you get more of an attachment to your favourite character. I've never really been one to actually enjoy or put time into mobas as they've never really interested me that much, Smite has been the only moba to actually grab my attention for any period, and that was only because it's in a 3rd person perspective and has a mode specifically designed for simply killing each other in a 5v5, and I think that's what originally got me into Smite to begin with, and what has made me enjoy Hyper Universe specifically because there's so much more of a focus on actively PvPing as opposed to minion farming and overly long matches.

If you're someone that's on the fence about this game or don't have much of an interest in it, I can only urge you to give this game a try when ever their next beta is that you can get into, much like I said already with me not being much of a moba fan though, if you're anything like my self that likes more action oriented games with enjoyable PvP, then I can easily give this game a recommend, especially if you already enjoy mobas.

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