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Hyper Universe is bringing out a free weekend period starting from the 19th October to play the game for free, and even permanently unlock the game if you play for long enough during the free period.

This is a strange but also expected move considering how low the playerbase has been on steam resulting in long queue times and short prime time hours. Hyper Universe is going to be a fully free to play game accessible to everyone once they get the content they want into the game and leave early access, so playing enough to unlock the free founders pack will definitely be a nice thing to have.

The issue with the game so far is that plenty of people such as my self took a pause on playing the game in order to wait for more of their favourite characters and content to finally release, I think the issue with this is that the playerbase started to dwindle to the point where it is now. Introducing this free weekend is definitely a good thing to do, more especially because playing the game long enough during this period to level up your account will result in you getting permanent access to the game along with getting a free founders pack to unlock the first 24 hypers.

Part of the announcement as quoted from the site:

"For a short time, Hyper Universe will be Free-to-Play on the Nexon Launcher. You can download the launcher directly from HERE. This means that all of your friends who wanted to try out the game can now hop in and log more than 90 hours of intense Hyper Universe action. For Free.


That’s not all! New accounts who reach level 7 will unlock PERMANENT access! Reach level 15 and unlock a FREE FOUNDER’S PACK that grants all 24 original launch Hypers and all of their unique gear. We know you don't want to stop playing, so these rewards will be unlocked on qualifying accounts by 1PM PDT on the 23rd. No tricks here, only treats. If this doesn't sound good to you, how about FREE SKINS?"

The game will be free during this period:

Pacific: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to Monday, 10/23/17 11:00AM PDT
Eastern: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to  Monday, 10/23/17 2:00PM EDT
Brazil: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to  Monday, 10/23/17 4:00PM BRST
London: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to  Monday, 10/23/17 7:00PM BST

Once again just remember that the game will be open to play from the Nexon launcher, not steam.

Nexon Launcher download: https://games.nexon.net/nexonlauncher

Announcement page: http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/en/news/article/25732/hyper-halloween-free-weekend

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