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Hyper Universe has finally entered the next phase of its release which is unexpectedly a steam early access. Generally, early access can be a hit or miss experience depending on the game, but considering what I've experienced so far, I'm still easily excited to get my hands on the game and see what else is new.

The way this game is going into early access is both a good and a bad thing depending on you. You can get into the game by paying $15.99 (currently $9.99 for a brief period until the 27th of August), doing so will give you all 24 hypers (28 with the 4 level unlockable characters) for what is an incredibly cheap price.

When the game comes out of early access, it will transition into a normal free to play game in where you would slowly unlock characters as you play games and earn the currency to buy the characters you want as per any moba, each character has 4 pieces of exclusive gear which would take a bit of extra time to unlock which also means currency that could of been spent on characters, this is also something included in the early access purchase which will really improve your gameplay allowing for more fun builds sooner and the ability to save currency for future characters and gear pieces.

A Dev blog was created to explain why they decided to go into an early access period, and personally I think it's a great move for the game to go in, as opposed to more continued short beta periods with a limited player-pool, especially while the game feels like its in a good spot to start in and let those players like my self that are happy with the game to continue playing. I'm thinking of this early access purchase as being something similar to what Smite has with its fairly cheap buy once and unlock all current and future gods, whereas this is just the current full roster which I'm fine with considering its low price.

I just want to quote one of the main parts from the dev blog which I myself think is something of a smart move for the game:

"So why not just make it free-to-play and let everyone in? Because we need to have the most passionate players try it out first. They are the ones who sees potential in the game, who’s willing to invest their time, wants to have their voices heard, and is willing to spend their hard-earned money on us."

I say smart move in regards to how those of us that are already happy with the game can spend a small amount and support the game while being able to play early, while those that aren't too confident in the game will be able to play it later when more content is added into the release version and potential bugs will hopefully be fixed before allowing the masses come in.

I've already made a general "review" on the game from July after the last beta finished if you're curious about the game and havn't seen any other reviews about it: http://my.mmosite.com/362300/blog/item/hyper_universe_lets_get_hyped.html

The short version of the review is that I found the game to be incredibly fun and much more combat engaging than most mobas out there, and with a much shorter average match time than something you would expect from LoL or Dota, and even though I personally don't care for either of the 2 mobas, I still managed to find this one very fun to play.

If you want to check out the full Dev Blog then head over to the link here: http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/en/news/article/24764/dev-blog-why-early-access

Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/591530/Hyper_Universe/

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