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Echo of Soul Phoenix has been a 13 month wait ever since it was shown last year in September for the Korean relaunch. Phoenix has a whole range of updates and quality of life improvements that I'm eager to return and check out my self, some of the updates include new raids, and of course the new Paladin class.

"Will you rise from the ashes like a phoenix? Are you ready to best the new tasks and challenges ahead? Create your new Soulkeeper today, secure your name, class and looks as well! But that's not all, extra packages with nice goodies await you for rejoining as well!"

An interesting thing with this 3.0 update is that it requires a brand new client that seems to be totally separate from the old one. As I entered into the game to pre-create my character, I found that there was 2 servers to select, both of which I'm unaware of seeing on the normal client, this means that servers will either be merged into these 2 new ones, or my assumption is that we will all be starting fresh on these new servers. I have no idea if we will be able to grab stuff from our old characters for those that played previously, but I guess we will see.

If you have any intention on playing when this goes live, I would highly recommend going onto the website and claiming your welcome package before the update goes live, as quoted from the site:

"With a successful character creation in Phoenix, only during this phase, will you then receive your claimed welcoming packages with the official launch. These rewards can then be claimed in-game at any time, the very same day the servers for Phoenix will open."

In order to get the package, head on over to this link: http://echoofsoulphoenix.aeriagames.com/eosp/preregistration

Log in (or register a new account) and scroll down to the bottom and hit the claim button.

After you have successfully claimed the package, be sure to click the download button to begin downloading the new client (or use this link: http://downloaders.aeriagames.com/EchoOfSoulPhoenix_downloader.exe )

Once you've successfully created your character and obviously claimed the package on the first link, you will then have all your items waiting for you in-game. It may also be worth noting that you can only create a single character during this period, and if this information does help, I managed to create a character with the same name that my original main on the old client had, which kind of confirms my suspicions on the whole "everyone is starting fresh", there is of course some potential information I'm missing and there may be a possibility on getting items from our old characters, but it may seem a little unlikely from what I'm seeing so far.

Also, as quoted from the announcement: "Veterans of EOS will, based on their game history, effort and achievements, receive additional packages, fitting to their completed feats."

So for those old players like my self, it may be interesting to see what little extra packages we may get. I forget why I originally came to a stop on playing EoS, I remember that it wasn't a bad game at all and had quite some fun dungeon bosses and especially raids, I'm actually quite looking forward to giving this game a round 2 look again and seeing everything that's new and changed.





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