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Breakaway is a new 4v4 PvP game currently in its alpha stage that will be sending invites sometime soon for people to get into. It has quite an interesting take on the whole small scale moba gameplay with the fact that in order to actually win, you have to actually get a "ball" into the other teams goal. Outside of just having your character skills with who ever you pick, you also get "buildables", you currently have 2 per character to use that can be built once per round, but can also be destroyed by the enemy team.

From what I've seen, it looks like it will be a 3rd person view judging on the gameplay it self, I've not seen any footage showing gameplay directly from a character yet but I'd like to think it's a fairly safe assumption, check out the 10 minutes of footage here, it looks pretty darn fun for some fast, skill based PvP:

The developers seem to also be focusing on heavily integrating twitch straight into the game in a fairly interesting way, a way that also helps to really include twitch viewers watching streamers in some form or another, such as info coming from this quote:


Viewers on Twitch can interact with Breakaway using Stream+, a new interactive console that allows viewers to earn loyalty points, wager their points on key moments in the game they are watching, participate in viewer polls, and move their way up a viewer loyalty point leaderboard.

When a viewer visits the Stream+ Breakaway channel (Twitch.tv/PlayBreakaway/StreamPlus), they will be given a starting balance of Stream+ loyalty points. They can earn additional points the longer they stay in the channel, for participating in interactive viewer polls, and for wagering their points on the outcome of Breakaway matches.

This weekend, viewers who are in the top 5,000 on the leaderboard at the end of TwitchCon will receive priority access to participate in the Breakaway alpha."

If you want to register for the alpha then make sure to have a twitch account and register here: https://playbreakaway.com/alpha

Other info about the game:



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