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Asta has always been in a very strange place, the game it self I thought was actually fairly decent, especially when you compare it to some of the shovelware games that are out there, games that are genuinely bad and/or are just incredibly old but yet they're still alive, even if it's with a small playerbase, but yet Asta is closing down after just 5-6 months of entering OB, is it too early?

I don't think Asta was ever a bad game, it had some decent features within the game such as a public questing experience and plenty of dungeons to do as you progressed with them getting somewhat harder as you leveled. The classes I thought were fairly decent to play as well, there was plenty of PvP modes at all levels which isn't something you get in every game, I was also quite happy with the skills I had on my healer so far as I had only got it to level 22 at the time before stopping my play of the game, I didn't quit the game due to boredom though, it was due to a lack of population.

I recently came back to the game barely over a week to check it out again and thought I'd start a new class along with playing my previous one for various reasons, the state of the game was no better than before if not obviously more worse off in regards to the lacking player-base, it reminded me why I stopped playing before which that was because it just didn't feel like an MMO. What you want to see in any MMO are players, even if it's only every so often while expecting most players to be level cap, so naturally finding low level players will be harder like in any game. The population was so low in Asta that dungeons at low level would never pop after being queued for a good 2 hours while questing, the situation back when the game released wasn't all too much better then either, I could still be waiting for around 30-60 minutes just to get into a dungeon, and you just know that isn't a good sign so early into the game.

While the game isn't anything special or groundbreaking by any means, I still don't think it should be closing down this soon, I wouldn't wish it on any game as it just seems far too quick. I had been checking on the forums to see the situation of the game, if there's one thing I saw crop up fairly often, it was the players asking webzen to actually advertise the game, something I barely saw any of with the duration of the games life. I think one of the band-aid fixes I saw was much like what Wildstar did, which was letting players across the 2 different factions actually talk to each other, though a better potential fix would of been to let both factions instance match into a dungeon with each other which is what Wilstar also did, but instead because the population was so low and it was hard to do things in a game that already splits the player-base, people just gradually stopped playing, as you would expect to happen.

So with barely 4 weeks remaining with the game, there is virtually no point on continuing to play, it seems Webzen is doing minimal work for a thank-you to the current players remaining, all they will be doing is having everything as a x2 event while closing down their cash-shop instead of making all purchases free for players to go nuts on before the game closes, it also doesn't look like they have any intention of handing the game over to another company to try and re-invigorate the game. It still seems like shame overall, I think this was one of those games that could of been something to last for a good while with the right host and proper advertising to bring the game to life.

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