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Paladins - Seris, The Oracle of the Abyss arrives

OB48 in paladins will be bringing up another new champion: Seris, the oracle of the abyss. Seris will be the 6th healer appearing in the game and has the biggest team based ultimate to really create some good plays, and instead of having a weapon of some sort as you would expect, she is fully magic based which really brings out that Paladins fantasy vibe.

(LMB) Soul Orb: Her basic attack fires out 3 orbs per second for up to 12 before reloading with 210 damage per hit. This is a very unique basic attack as even though they travel fairly slowly, they will pass through enemies as they take damage. Every time an enemy gets hit by the attack, it will apply 1 stack (for up to 4 stacks) onto an enemy which can be detonated by her Q skill.


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Paladins - New Champion: Lex, The Hand of Justice

Paladins OB46 is introducing yet another hero into the realm. Lex the "lawman" will be the next flanker added to the roster and has his own unique playing style, one of the key things being his ability to track a single character down no matter what wall they're hiding behind, along with having a great kill confirming skill and earning extra credits for hunting down his bounty.

LMB: Dual Magnums

Dual magnums that fire every 0.7s dealing 700 damage. They can fire to a low-medium range before the damage drop off starts, this will help him to attack targets without having to play too risky in certain cituations due to his health and lack of real escapes.

RMB: In Pursuit

Activating the skill will enter into a 3rd person perspective and deal 1050 damage over 1.5 seconds, it will auto lock o

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Paladins - Inara: The First Female Tank Arrives

OB45 is coming up shortly on Paladins and Hi-Rez has just introduced the newest and first female tank to the roster in which many people have been asking for.

Inara has a very fresh tanking style that completely seperates her from the rest of the current tanks; instead of using shields of any sort, she goes for pure damage reduction on activation and the ability to wall herself and her allies off from damage, or even use it to separate enemies that have entered out of a choke or walked through a door.

(LMB): Fires a 3 shot projectile burst each dealing 225 damage. The projectiles aren't too fast when travelling forward so they will require you to lead yours shots, they're also long range allowing her to attack enemies at distances.

(Q): Creates a wall that lasts for 6 seconds, it

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Paladins - Massive content patch in OB44

Paladins has a big content patch with their upcoming OB44. Paladins is a F2P game with an optional purchase to unlock all current and future characters similar to smite, I'm honestly quite impressed with how often they're updating and continuously adding things into the game.

The main changes with this patch will be the introduction of legendary cards; due to the legendary cards coming in though, all bonus damage effects on every character will be removed, an example being Bomb king will no longer deal 200% bonus damage with grumpy bomb to shields. There will be some other character balance changes within OB44, I managed to catch a few of them during their live stream that happened today.

There will be 2 new maps coming in OB44, the first one is Snowfall Junction.

The second map is P

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Paladins - New Champion: Torvald and PvE mode incoming

Paladins will be releasing 15 new champions this year along with a bunch of other stuff, including a New talent system that can give general stat buffs such as health, defense, damage etc, or even to buff your skills to perhaps give Androxus an extra netherstep charge for example.

With the Paladins OB42 patch preview that has just recently finished streaming on 20th January, we have been shown the next new champion coming out along with the new PvE mode coming as well. The new champion will be the next tank to come into the game that plays very unique from the rest of them, he doesn't have any large shields like the other 3 tanks can deploy, but instead has a self rechargeable shield somewhat similar to what Ruckus has in regards to the shield only effecting him, though Torvald's shiel

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Orcs Must Die! Unchained - Game overhaul, massive update!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is a game that's always been based on wave based survival gameplay, the fun in the game was the challenge of going through the levels with added difficulties by strategically placing down your traps and going rampant on the enemies that come with your own weapons and spells.

Unchained tried to do things differently by making both PvE and PvP elements, the game massively fell short with both new and old players like my self with the introduction of the PvP Siege mode as it just wasn't grabbing anyones attention, it ultimately just felt like the OMD name had been somewhat tarnished with this implementation of the game as old fans have been unhappy with the direction the developers tried to take the game, as opposed to sticking to the roots of what made OMD a

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Echo of Soul - Paladin Character Creation

Not too long ago, we heard about Echo of Soul getting it's second new character finally after the warlock released first, I'm trying to keep an eye around for any information on the Paladin in respect to what its 2 classes are and how one of them will be a dps considering this potential tank character actually has a straight up shield for once.

Here's a character creation video from rendermax over on youtube, I wasn't expecting anything all too special given how fairly simplistic the character creation is as a whole for EoS, but you can see quite easily the audience that this class is being aimed at, especially with how they have actually included a breast slider with plenty of "animation" to boot!

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Evolve "Stage 2" - Now F2P with Many New Features

Evolve was a game that had very mixed feelings along with some backlash with how the games model went forward, it ended up being a full priced game (unless you bought it from 3rd party retailers like G2A for example) that had perhaps a little too much purchasable DLC given the content (or perhaps lack of) that it offered us, originally the game started up with 3 different sets of characters for the 4 classes totaling in 12 characters with more being released as DLC, some people found that hard to swallow what with everything else like skins also only being available via real money purchase.

Over time the game has had plenty of updates and a fairly big graphical overhaul to make the planet shear really stand out and feel more immersive, most importantly though is everything that has

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Tera - Secrets and Shadows update incoming

Tera is finally getting the much awaited updated titled "Secrets and Shadows" which brings us flying mounts, new dungeon content, balance patching, and the 4th newest new class being the Ninja which is exclusive to the Elin race.

Ninjasare approaching!

Still having one of the best action combat in MMOs today, the ninja will prove to be an enjoyable and fast paced class for those that enjoy being a hit and run character. Since they wear cloth armour, playing this class will require you to play much more careful than you would with any other melee based class unless you want to be tasting the floor more often than not, any good player that is aware of what's going on should have fun utilizing the Ninjas skills with their multitude of dodges, i-frames and gap closing skills and

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Tera introduces "Tera rewards" and confirms layoffs

Tera doesn't seem to be in the best of positions judging the fair drop off in population after BDO and BnS came out, the game has been facing many issues for quite a long time and they seem to be catching up to itself in terms of the state of the game and now EnMasse as a company. Even though EnMasse is a direct subsidiary of Bluehole, It seems that they only have so much impact on the game since the Bluehole has the last say and the Korean version seems to be the version that they focus on the most, even though the western version brings in the most cash.

Tera NA released their "Tera Rewards" on the 5th after their maintenance and that immediately came with a host of criticism and problems that has effected the games Corsairs Stronghold PvP BG, quite simply players at a certain Tier

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