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Hyper Universe Free Founders packs and Free Weekend

Hyper Universe is bringing out a free weekend period starting from the 19th October to play the game for free, and even permanently unlock the game if you play for long enough during the free period.

This is a strange but also expected move considering how low the playerbase has been on steam resulting in long queue times and short prime time hours. Hyper Universe is going to be a fully free to play game accessible to everyone once they get the content they want into the game and leave early access, so playing enough to unlock the free founders pack will definitely be a nice thing to have.

The issue with the game so far is that plenty of people such as my self took a pause on playing the game in order to wait for more of their favourite characters and content to finally release, I

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Echo of Soul - Oktoberfest comes early!

The next event not too long after the Summer event finished is already here. This caters much more to the below level 60 population due to the gear boxs that you can obtain every 5 levels starting from 10 for only 1 Oktoberfest coin, so far I've only opened up one level 25 box which gave all green rarity equipment and accessories which is easily good enough to get you through the levelling stages of the game and avoids having to really wait for quests to give you gear or keep repeating solo instances to get blue rarity since you get a fresh set of green every 5 levels anyway.

The main thing for the below level 60s in this event is an exp scroll that gives a huge 450k exp that you can start using when ever you get in, you can start the event even from level 10 so it would be a good

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Echo of Soul - Summer event is here!

I was wondering when or if Aeria was going to do the summer event this year due to how early the game still is, but they put it up and it's actually amazing for the items you can get from the event, the daily and repeatables there are a nice little bit of fun and the island it self is very nice on the eyes.

How to get inside

So there is 4 quests that you will pick up from any of the event NPCs that are located near any of the city/town teleportal NPCs, 2 of the quests are to kill 3 of the "World bosses" which will be shown on the world map for you, and the other is to kill 300 mobs at any location in the game, either in the open world or whilst just doing dungeons will count towards the quest, once you've done both of these then you will receive your quest reward which is a swims

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