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Overwatch - Junkensteins Revenge!

Junkensteins Revenge is a fairly fun PvE mode that came out for the Halloween event, the goal is to survive the night and stop the Zomnics from breaking through the gate. There's 4 achievements all with their own sprays for you to use, they require you win on Medium, Hard, win with all 4 characters, and to win on medium with no damage done to the door.

This will be a guide on how to complete it on hard mode without much difficulty if everyone plays it right, the enemies all spawn at set intervals so it ends up mostly becoming a memory game and using your ultimates as Ana and McCree at the correct moments, whereas Hanzo and Soldier can use them to speed up clearing Zomnics, especially when the Heros spawn which requires McCree's attention and Ana to be on the ball with keeping allies ali

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Wildstar - Your "Moment of Opportunity" (MoO)

Wildstar has a very important mechanic that for some reason or another, many people seem to not understand or even see just how important a "MoO" is. It was quite understandable to some degree that people woulden't of caught on straight away back before F2P came due to there being no tutorial into any potential "hidden" mechanics that might of existed, in this case the "MoO", though now we have a new small dungeon called the "Protostar Academy" that you can enter into at level 10 and it tutorials you fully into the basics of wildstars combat and what you can expect to deal with in dungeons.

Even though I didn't need to experience this my self due to having already played much of the game, I decided to take a look into this tutorial dungeon just to see what it offered and I was

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Echo of soul - So you're now level 60, what next?

So you've hit level 60 and now you may be wondering the most efficient way to get started, hopefully for those playing the game that this may aid in some way. You will see that 4 new party dungeons with a item-level requirement of 590 will be opened up to you, 2 of these are the dungeons you may have done on your way to 60 (Hero mode versions) and the other 2 will be new. You will want to make sure you've farmed your last solo instance (level 57 hero mode) to get fully geared out in blue equipment to be most effective at starting out in party dungeons so you won't lack damage and take more damage than you would want.

You will also want to do the infinite Dungeons on the side with a group as there is a repeatable at the entrance that gives you 2 tokens for complet

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