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Overwatch bans "ggez"

Have you ever wondered why people feel the need to say "gg ez" at the end of a match regardless of what game you're playing? the general reason is that people simply enjoy getting a rise out of others after said person won against your team, even if it was a fairly close game you will still have some people that type "gg ez", I'd like to say more often than not you don't even need to have someone reply to know that you have possibly annoyed someone by typing something as simple as those 4 letters.

So here is what Blizzard has currently put into the PTR servers and it's something I honestly hope stays in, not because people typing "gg ez" bugs me (granted it's annoying, but I won't throw a fit at someone for typing it), but simply because it's actually hilarious that they put

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EnMasse producer letter causing major upset for Tera players

Anyone that has been keeping up to date with Tera (atleast on the NA version) and checks their forums at all would of seen their "What's new in 2016!" producer letter, while it has some things that may be nice to see in there, such as some updates and fixes to some on-going issues within the game, some events to keep players busy in the mean time such as kyras pop-up potion shack and what ever else they have in store, there's one major issue that has a lot of the community in an uproar in that only after 4-5 hours of the post going live, it's already gained 700 down-votes and threads popping up all over general discussion.

We've had the brawler introduced and the new content to come along side of it, but it's easily clear that the brawler in PvP is currently the most bro

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Tera - Buddy-up system disabled for Brawlers

Many Tera players like my self decided to take a break in anticipation for the Brawler update. Ideally, a lot of us wanted to take our break and stay offline for a month in order to be able to log back in and use the Buddy-Up system to take advantage of the double exp boost that you get from it, this is also while being able to use the elite status double exp which in total gives us a x3 exp boost, not only that but we also get the +12 enchantment scroll upon reaching max level which would make those of us that have been offline for the entire month a bit silly to waste.

EnMasse hasn't made any official thread or general announcement from what I've seen and many people don't even do so much as visit the forum like with any game, fortunately for my self I stumbled a

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