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The death of Paladins?

If by some chance you haven't heard of the highly controversial patch that Hi-Rez is planning to update into Paladins for OB64, the short version is that the EA bug seems to have caught Hi-Rez in full force and are now in the process of destroying their own game.

I've found Paladins so far to be a great F2P class based shooter that for the most part felt incredibly fair, I never felt forced to throw my wallet in their direction or be at some disadvantage, and generally that's a good thing to discover about any F2P game. Unfortunately, Hi-Rez have been slowly getting more money hungry as time has gone on, but their new card system has just thrown their thirst into full force.

Previously, their money making techniques have been pretty much fully based on cosmetics, so costume

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Asta - shutting down too soon?

Asta has always been in a very strange place, the game it self I thought was actually fairly decent, especially when you compare it to some of the shovelware games that are out there, games that are genuinely bad and/or are just incredibly old but yet they're still alive, even if it's with a small playerbase, but yet Asta is closing down after just 5-6 months of entering OB, is it too early?

I don't think Asta was ever a bad game, it had some decent features within the game such as a public questing experience and plenty of dungeons to do as you progressed with them getting somewhat harder as you leveled. The classes I thought were fairly decent to play as well, there was plenty of PvP modes at all levels which isn't something you get in every game, I was also qui

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Can you trust NCsoft?

I've played many MMOs in my time starting from the Legend of Mir, I've seen what companies are good/decent/not bad/terrible and it seems like NCsoft is entering the "terrible" stage for me personally. Pretty much every big game will have its general issues which can be for the most part just dealing with bots, yet why is it that the combination of blade and soul and NCsoft coming up to be a major disaster? is it just an unfortunate coincidence that it's NCsoft and that the issue is mostly on blade and souls side? or is NCsoft really the bigger problem?

The amount of cheaters, bots and hackings I'm seeing just on the forums alone is staggering, I've never actually visited a forum and seen nearly every day a new thread on someone that's been hacked, then following that I see that t

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Blade&Souls cash shop going down a slippery path?

Blade and soul is a game with a very obvious catering to the male audience, especially when it comes to the costumes that get released within the games hongmoon store, but why is it that companys feel the need to over-charge players for cosmetics that are especially character bound in their current state? NCsoft have said that they are planning to make the costumes tradable across account characters, but to what end? will this be a free thing? or are they going to charge us for the ability to use an item on the costume in order to trade it to an account character?

The latest costumes to come in is for the valentines day event in which for the females, the costume simply involves a half unbuttoned shirt and a possible "accessory" to the costume to differentiate each "race", but since

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MMOs - Stale open worlds and carrot chasing.

It seems to be much more of a thing these days with MMOs in where developers seem to heavily neglect their game world and focus the majority of there content inside instances where only you and your party can get inside, it's became very standard for content/gear progression, normally I don't mind this providing there's still plenty of things to do in the open world to really feel like you're playing an MMO, and not an instance based game with a town that everyone stands in...but wait, they already exist, and they tend to have pretty solid combat and plenty of content on its own, if you haven't figured it out yet I'm talking about games such as Dragon Nest or Vindictus as 2 well known example games of an instanced based MMO.

So it just got me thinking, what's the real difference b

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