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The "journey" to end game, do you care for it anymore?

In the last few games I've played, I've saw my self finding it hard to really care all too much about the general "experience" on leveling up through games, sometimes depending on the MMO I'm playing I may actually read all the quests that I come across, or at the very least I will read the main story just to see what's supposed to be going off, but depending on how the game as a whole is presented to me, such as having plenty of side attractions to do whilst leveling to reduce the overall monotony of it...I just think to my self, do I care enough to read through everything and do the random little things that don't matter? or do I just want to focus on leveling up to experience the meat of what the game is supposed to offer? aka "end game"?

Playing some recent games like ELOA a

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Black Desert - Can too much of a good thing be a bad thing?

I gave Black Desert a play through on the KR servers a while back, albeit with a different goal entirely in mind, but for what ever reason now that I'm playing it in English something kind of caught me off-guard, something that I personally never thought I would ever have an issue with as usually this kind of thing is a "more is good" and/or a "you can never have enough" kind of thing.

When I played Perfect World years ago, that was the first game that introduced me to such an in-depth character creator that took me a darn good while to get used to and was consistently editing my character(s) and making new ones, what made it so fun to customize was the fact that it had "2 layers" of customization so to speak, the first being it had the "basic" sliders to edit things l

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