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Tera - New Class Lunar Dancer, Gameplay Reveal

Bluehole have finally shown their next new class with short anticipation, to no one's surprise it is another female only class, but this time is locked to only the Castanic female, which technically gives them their second exclusive class even though the High elf can also play as the Gunner.

This class will be using a weapon called a Glaive, their attack speed will have a feel of being between the slayer and Ninja while also wearing leather armour.

When attacking an enemy, they will stack something called the Lunar Scar which can be used to detonate a wide-range AoE damaging skill, once it reaches its max stacks the player will see the Lunar scar change to a strong red colour. These stacks are also only visible to the character applying the stacks, so that should mean ha

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Echo of Soul - Holy Paladin gameplay/UI update

Some gameplay of the Paladin has finally came out from rendermax over on youtube, it seems that info on on the patch contents for the KR re-release is fairly non-existant, not even Aeria games are giving any hints on the patch coming over.

I am liking what I'm seeing with some of the UI, such as the raid bars look like they're taking up less room along with a small appearance change, but most importantly is that they have put a scroll healing icon to the side of the bars as well to make it much easier and quicker to actually scroll heal an ally.

They also seem to have changed the soul buff box to now just display all 4 instead of having to choose which one is displayed, along with a small tidy on the UI at the bottom of the screen, and a new look to the HP and resource bars which is a fres

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Teras Future - New female class, Old-class revamps, New content and more

Thanks to a person named "idi0ticgenius" over on the forums, they put up all the important information from the ktera Conference meeting onto a googledoc that tells us a lot of what we can expect in the future on Tera. What I will be doing with that is posting up some of the things that interested/caught my attention to what I thought could be information that could take interest to others in general.

On both the EU and NA forums, we have had a preview page showing us some things already, so hopefully I can use the spreadsheet to extend on what's already been said.

Sorcerer skill effect changes

The sorcerer class changes will involve a lot of new skill animations which I'm sure will help in bringing this class back to life in the PvE department especially along with the ac

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Blade and Soul - Premium membership details

Blade and Soul have finally shown what their premium service will offer and it looks pretty good from what I'm seeing, it is filled with a ton of "quality of life" features in which things improve based on your premium rank.

For those that are unaware, the premium rank goes up based on how much NCoin and Hongmoon coin that you spend in the hongmoon shop (their cash shop basically), over time you will rank up and get the slightly improved benefits with each rank.

From what I've experienced in my small playtime in blade and soul, is that your inventory and bank space is very much in high usage, you get plenty of costumes in game from just completing quests and even odd drops from specific mobs (such as for PvP costumes), so this isn't even accounting for costumes that you may just buy fro

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Experiencing Echo of Soul

Echo of soul is a pretty damn fun game to say the least, for a game that's stationary tab targeting I personally thought I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I currently have been, it's simply the way that your skills work and how you can create your own rotation of skills due to the class specific resource management, the skill interruptions, knockdowns/backs and the actual ability to dodge out of an attack with proper timing, all of it just creates for a fun combat system that isn't just limited to some generic MMO with a bunch of random un-inspired skills that simply just "do damage" with a cooldown. So with that said I want to jump into what I've basically found out about the game up towards level 17 which is my highest character so far, obviously not that high but I didn't wan

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