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Wildstar F2P - Get protected, get a free mount to start!

So I actually made the very same thing back during its early days when this game up, but now with F2P here I feel as if a reminder is due what with many new players coming in and having took no notice before.

Wildstar made their 2-Step verification service give out free rewards last years july, the main thing being the mount you see in the screenshot above, you get a few other small bonus's such as:

- 2% XP, Renown, and Prestige bonus
- Cybernetic Eyepatch
- In-game title of Certifiably Certified

I personally highly recommend anyone that's planning to play the game to get this done asap as there is plenty of huge open areas with lots of running around to do, having the mount at the start will save large amounts of time for your game-play in wildstar as quest hubs as mo

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Echo of soul - The journey to 60

My level 1-60 experience to say the least has been pretty straight forward and very easy to get into, this game has a very minimal amount of time wasting in terms of no running back and forth between quest hubs, very minimal time wasting quests (depending if there's a ton of people around for something like a dig quest, which is rare anyway) that has you do something that is taking far too long for the time spent vs exp gained, no times where you're being required to go back to huge main cities to hand a quest in that you completed in a different zone and then run around re-collecting more only to go back to a previous zone, etc.

What I still enjoy about this game is its simplistic and yet enjoyable combat system, creating a proper rotation of skills on this game really is key to

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Tera NA: Fate of Arun Expansion

The expansion for Tera has finally been announced today for a 12/16/14 released with a trailer and website update to show us what we can expect to see in the new update, I'm quite looking forward to it for both PvE and PvP gameplay as a lot of the changes/updates seem really nice, here's the trailer they released today:

With this update it looks like they will be making a lot of things more user/player friendly such as the quest log UI getting another change to make things much easier to figure out what you're doing, where to go and where to hand in what along with bonus rewards for logging in.

Enchanting to get to +12 (and the news of +15) may be a smoother experience in comparison to the current way of getting to +12 and obtaining masterwork alkahest; as from

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Black Desert - Hands on experience, knowing what's up

Black Desert CBT3 in KR has came to a close and I had the privilege to be able to give it a play test and see what I could find in the game, I can say that it has similarities to ArcheAge though personally I feel it will be a much more appealing game to my self than AA for my own reasons that would rather me play BD over AA, the graphics are outstanding for an MMO and especially a sandbox at that, there's so many vistas in the game that you can just take a look at and enjoy the scenery around you what with how great the game looks, the lightning is fantastic and makes the game feel very vibrant which is always great for MMOs to pull off, then there's the combat which I found really enjoyable especially with the manual targeting system.

This may be a bit of a read as I wanted to try and co

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Tera - Kumasylum not as one-sided as you think

So the Kumasylum has been out for a good amount of time now and there's still people on both NA and EU forums posting threads on how it's un-balanced or favored to the kuma players getting an easy win, now whilst the kumas players have an easier time due to their insane damage and health pool and the fact that if you're playing on the federation side either being an average player or simply not knowing what to do (or both)--then good chances are that you're going to die and get frustrated a lot, so what I want to do is write up my own guide for how the game-mode works, it's barely even considered PvP so even PvE junkies can find this entertaining once they've learnt the mode, this will be quite a bit of a read but it's to try and cover everything from what to do up to where to hide.

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Playing Wildstar? Get an Authenticator!

Carbine is really pushing to try and get players to get an authenticator for wildstar as not only does it offer protection against potential hackers from getting your account but they're offering little goodies as another incentive into getting one as now it seems they are giving away a free account usable mount to use across all characters , you don't need a smartphone or anything in order to get one as you can just download a program that acts as the authenticator or get it straight onto your browser, personally I'd highly suggest getting one anyway as so many players are getting hacked as it seems to be those obviously without the authenticator (there's an addon that tracks bots and detects whether they have it or not), if you want to be one of those "I've never been hacked

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Wildstar - Walatiki Temple PvP guide

So with Wildstar being in open beta and lots more people coming into the game (and of course launch getting very close) I thought I'd write up this guide that should really help players learn how this battleground works, I my self was quite confused with what was happening when I was first playing so it's understandable when i see newer players to the battleground wondering around cluelessly and doing generally random stuff.

The Objective of this game mode is a "capture the flag" game mode but with "moodie masks" instead of a flag, the winning conditions is to get 5 of them back to your base before the other team does or by some strange idea that the 30 min timer runs out.

So I've marked on the map 3 arrows showing where a mask will spawn at the start of the match and d

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Archeblade Release - Review and info

So Archeblade finally went out of it's early access stages on steam and went into a full release state in which it gained a big boost of players as it only had a few hundred due to no advertising at all, after it went up onto steam again it gained up to a good 2-3 thousand players which was really nice for finding matches and getting in there, now that it's settled down after a week or so the player base seems to have stabilized at around 1-1.5k players which is pretty good for an indie title and with it being an indie the game is fairly solid.

The game has 12 developers behind it and are slowly releasing characters and content when they can with the funding they get, they have dozens of planned characters that they want to release though they can obviously only do that with fundi

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ArcheAge OBT Russia: Registration and download guide

The Russian ArcheAge is in it's OBT state and anyone can now enter the game, all you need to do is register and download the client and you're in, it's very simple and shoulden't take you more than a few minutes to be registered and starting to download the client if you're interested in checking it out.

Firstly, go to mail.ru (click on the pictures if you can't see well enough)

Now just follow the guide on the picture:

After you have finished with the registration, you should be able to come off of the next page that comes up which should be the email page to the account you just set up, so now go to aa.mail.ru to continue which brings you to the ArcheAge RU site, just continue reading the instructions on the pictures below:

After the page above is done, at the front page of th

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Tera NA and EU coming Free2Play this February

So Tera NA and EU both finally made the inevitable announcement of going Free2play, I personally see this as a good thing as it will bring the game back to life with a bunch of new players and leaves no obligation to feel the need to play it anymore as you have paid for a month, there's no doubt there will be the dooms day people poping up about how it's gone free but if anything it's just the best idea for Tera as a game and if anything most MMO's should either be F2P with a balanced cash shop or buy to play.

So from what they're saying about the free2play switch is that no content or anything for that matter will be restricted, so no enchanting items will be took out of the game much like the KR version at all, we will have everything that all the once paying customers h

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