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WarZ executives made the worst game in existance

I'm not to sure what quite happened here so before I even dare to begin...I'm going to say to everyone that's still on the fence on buying WarZ or havn't yet purchased it for any reason at all, then please god DO NOT BUY IT, wait till the game is released, see the reviews, look up what kind of bugs the game may be plagued with etc and if you still feel confident in it then by all means buy the game, but till then I would advise anyone to be really cautious because this is the biggest joke I've ever seen in my life, I'll also note that this peice of ass is years old but I've only recently heard of it and I'm sure anyone reading this will have only just found out about this as well.

So generally we get the odd terrible games that are released, but this game is so bad, that

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Is it right for games to "steal" things from another game?

I don't know why but it really bugs me when we have games that do this, I've seen a bunch of browser games that did this, one of them blatantly stealing as much as possible from World of Warcraft, from the character screen, races and mobs within the game, then I even managed to see one that tried it's hardest to rip Lineage 2 off, such as stealing town names from the game and ripping the music straight into the game it self, what bugged me more was the fact that you could tell these games had little to no thought put in them and they were just some easy way for them to make some cheap cash from such a rip off and I've no idea how they can manage to get away with it.

Anyway those 2 example games aren't even my focus but I just wanted to point them out, my gripe now is the s

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Perfect World International's: "The Trials" update

So PWE finally managed to update their game with some "content", question is, can we really consider this to be worthy of the name "content"?, decide for your self.

-The Trials: For guilds that have the guild base can attempt the 9 trials, each with their own title, those being:


Trial of Balance


Trial of Defense


Trial of Towers


Trial of Duty


Trial of Elements


Trial of Eternity


Trial of Sacrifice


Trial of Exodus

Trial of Salvation

The rewards seem to be pretty basic and nothing you can generally use in some way, unless you have the Rank 8 gears, if the guild manages to complete all the trials, the reward is simply materials needed to upgrade into what they call "Awakened" gear.

-New Zone: Elysium Village: They created a

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