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Paladins - Jenos, The Ascended is coming to the realm

OB55 is coming to Paladins on the week starting July 24th. This will be one of the more bigger patches as there's so much coming into it, such as the new champion, new map, more maps added to onslaught, and some more new skins along with Ruckus default skin being completely changed.

Jenos will be Paladins' newest Support character to enter the realm and with a much more heavy focus on being able to actually damage other champions. Hi-Rez have stated that they want support characters to not feel like they're only there to heal and not offer much more than that, so far the supports all have diverse kits and with the ability to pull off damage, Jenos though as they've stated will have much more focus on dealing damage to help attract those players that enjoy the damage roll more, but wh

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Paladins - Lian, Scion of House Aico arrives to rule the realm

OB54 will be here on the week starting July 10th with another new damage champion, Lian. Some inspiration for her weapon/kit was apparently derived from older games such as Medal of honour when using the M1 Garand rifle. Her skill set is something of what you would possibly expect overall for a character wielding a rifle like this, so while it's not too visually fancy as a whole, her kit still packs a punch by being able to fight in virtually all ranges, and partially being able to abuse some very long ranged sniping shots with 1 of her skills.

[LMB] Heirloom Rifle

A rifle that has been passed down through your noble house for ages. Deals 400 damage every 0.45s at medium range.

She will be able to fight viably at both close and medium range with this weapon, while it does

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Overwatch meets Streetfighter

I've always been an avid fighting game fan, I play them fairly casually with most of my focus being on Street Fighter. I've took quite a break from Overwatch as of recently simply due to burnout, and even though I've known about Doomfist being the next potential hero to be released...I still never really had any hype about the character, this is partially due to Blizzard learning their lesson from over hyping a character (Sombra in this case), and also because I didn't think I would be bothered by another damage character to enter the game, but playing him in the PTR so far though has completely swayed my thoughts, all while giving the feeling of a fighter like hero entering the roster.

Seismic Slam

His Seismic Slam skill was an interesting one to figure out, there was two t

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Kritika: The painfully average experience

I've been looking forward to Kritika for quite a long time, the combat looked flashy and fun, and the art style looks pretty sweet as well, but upon finally playing the game my self finally? it's done nothing more than disappoint me.

The core gameplay experience feels pretty fun when you start, the game is fluid and plays quite nice. My issue with the game is simply how incredibly basic it feels, it's like an all style but no substance thing in where it looks and feels fun to play at the start, but as you start getting into the meat of it...well, it honestly just lacks in what you would possibly want out of combat, and the boss encounters are especially dull.


When playing action combat games, the fun usually comes with being able to lure up large amounts of mobs and lay waste

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Hyper Universe: Let's get hyped!

Hyper Universe is a game I've been very interested to play for quite a while since I saw initial trailers/gameplay of it a while ago, from playing both the alpha and CBT so far, I can safely say that this game hasn't disappointed.

This game is yet another moba to enter into the market, we've seen a fair few of them try to some onto the PC scene only to end up dying out after not too long, all while the two titans such as LoL and Dota2 are sporting a huge playerbase between them. What is it that makes Hyper Universe a game worth playing over either of them? or even another somewhat unique moba like Smite for that matter? well, that's what I'm really wanting to get in to.

Starting off for the first time will introduce you to the basic tutorial (which can be skipped, but not real

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Hyper Universe closed beta starting June 23rd

Nexon has just announced the closed beta for Hyper Universe that has finally exited from its alpha stages will be starting next Friday, this is definitely a game to get "hyped" for!

The game opens and closes at the following times:

BEGINS: June 23rd at 05:00AM PDT / 13:00 BST

ENDS: June 30th at 10:00AM PDT / 18:00 BST

During this beta there will be 27 Hypers available to play, and 6 of them will be on free rotation as opposed to 4 during the Alpha, though don't worry about not being able to play the rest as you can unlock a good amount of characters due to the large amount of account currency you obtain from finishing PvE matches for the first 10 levels, this does unfortunately mean that you may have to cut back a bit on jumping into PvP if you want to unlock as much as you can at a m

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Paladins - Zhin, The Tyrant enters the realm with new Onslaught game mode

OB52 is coming up and Hi-Rez are introducing the next Flanking character into the game, this is a character that Hi-Rez had even said they wished they could of him in sooner, and I can see why. Zhin's skill set offers him high mobility and complete damage mitigation, so far I think he will have one of the best kits in game for when it comes to versatility and being able to out-play the enemy, especially when it comes to his counter skill in particular.

[LMB] Inferno Blade
Within 2s, hurl burning oil with two quick swings that deal 450 damage and a heavy swing that deals 700 damage.

Zhin has a unique base attack in that the attacks hit-box changes per swing, the first hit starts off with a horizontal shot, followed by a diagonal and then a vertical hit as shown above, his last swing will

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Battleborn finally goes Free-to-play

Battleborn has finally decided to go free-to-play after just 1 year of its release over on Steam and Xbox one, while the game isn't exactly bad in any sense, I think it's original price tag may have been a little too high, and releasing it on the same month of Overwatch was definitely a terrible idea which no doubt aided in the game heavily dropping in players.

It's definitely unfortunate to what happened to Battleborn, the game had both PvP and a pretty decent PvE to really cater to both types of players. The game should of been alive and doing well if it either released several months before Overwatch, or more preferably some months after Overwatch instead, much like with how Paladins officially released onto steam and is currently going on very strong for a free-to-play hero s

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Paladins - Ash, The War Machine arrives along with new Mastery features

OB51 is approaching and Hi-Rez have introduced yet another champion for the realm, and this time it's a new tank to really shake things up in the front-line. Ash "The War Machine" has a fairly explosive kit to really enable her to control the point that she's contesting, she will be a very fun tank to play with her skill set.

[LMB] Burst Cannon:
Fire a shrapnel round every 0.9s that explodes in an AOE dealing 400 damage.

The damage of each hit will be lower depending on how far away the enemy is from the initial blast, it's also a close/medium range attack to give her a little over double of Torvalds effective range.

[RMB] Kinetic Burst:

Superheat your next shrapnel round. When you next fire

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Rokh - Very risky survival game, will it last?

Rokh is another upcoming survival game trying to stake its place into the genre, there's already some good popular ones out there such as Rust and Ark, and there's others that have failed to make their mark and either have a small playerbase, or a non-existent one.

I decided to give this game a try and see if it's actually got anything worth playing over the ones currently available. It is actually quite unique in it's own way, even if you can tell it's a very early access game when you see that you can't swing your pickaxe manually and must be stood at an ore node while it locks your camera with each swing, also not forgetting that the pickaxe isn't even properly textured yet either, that's how early access this is.

It took me quite a while just to figure out the most

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