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The death of Paladins?

If by some chance you haven't heard of the highly controversial patch that Hi-Rez is planning to update into Paladins for OB64, the short version is that the EA bug seems to have caught Hi-Rez in full force and are now in the process of destroying their own game.

I've found Paladins so far to be a great F2P class based shooter that for the most part felt incredibly fair, I never felt forced to throw my wallet in their direction or be at some disadvantage, and generally that's a good thing to discover about any F2P game. Unfortunately, Hi-Rez have been slowly getting more money hungry as time has gone on, but their new card system has just thrown their thirst into full force.

Previously, their money making techniques have been pretty much fully based on cosmetics, so costume

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Hyper Universe Free Founders packs and Free Weekend

Hyper Universe is bringing out a free weekend period starting from the 19th October to play the game for free, and even permanently unlock the game if you play for long enough during the free period.

This is a strange but also expected move considering how low the playerbase has been on steam resulting in long queue times and short prime time hours. Hyper Universe is going to be a fully free to play game accessible to everyone once they get the content they want into the game and leave early access, so playing enough to unlock the free founders pack will definitely be a nice thing to have.

The issue with the game so far is that plenty of people such as my self took a pause on playing the game in order to wait for more of their favourite characters and content to finally release, I

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Echo of Soul Phoenix - Pre Reg/Character creation live with free welcome pack!

Echo of Soul Phoenix has been a 13 month wait ever since it was shown last year in September for the Korean relaunch. Phoenix has a whole range of updates and quality of life improvements that I'm eager to return and check out my self, some of the updates include new raids, and of course the new Paladin class.

"Will you rise from the ashes like a phoenix? Are you ready to best the new tasks and challenges ahead? Create your new Soulkeeper today, secure your name, class and looks as well! But that's not all, extra packages with nice goodies await you for rejoining as well!"

An interesting thing with this 3.0 update is that it requires a brand new client that seems to be totally separate from the old one. As I entered into the game to pre-create my character, I found that there was 2 s

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Paladins - New Champion: Terminus, The Fallen, and third person mode in PTS

OB61 in Paladins will be coming up shortly this week, with it comes quite an exciting new front line champion, a brand new set of skins, and in the PTS is an introduction to a third person mode that may hopefully hit live servers if everything goes well.

The third person view that's currently in testing is something that players have been asking for quite a long time, though at the same time there's people that have been opposed to it with fears that it could ruin the game. Third person is a feature that will be limited to casual queue only, and will not be available in the competitive queue. Ideally this is so that Paladins can stay true to its original gameplay while allowing people to simply have fun with it in casual queue, and also make even more use out of those skins you buy to a

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Hyper Universe enters steam early access

Hyper Universe has finally entered the next phase of its release which is unexpectedly a steam early access. Generally, early access can be a hit or miss experience depending on the game, but considering what I've experienced so far, I'm still easily excited to get my hands on the game and see what else is new.

The way this game is going into early access is both a good and a bad thing depending on you. You can get into the game by paying $15.99 (currently $9.99 for a brief period until the 27th of August), doing so will give you all 24 hypers (28 with the 4 level unlockable characters) for what is an incredibly cheap price.

When the game comes out of early access, it will transition into a normal free to play game in where you would slowly unlock characters as you play games

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Lawbreakers - What is the games problem?

Lawbreakers is a game I had my eye on ever since I originally heard of it sometime after I found out about Overwatch, the game was being advertised here and there and I was quite interested to see just how exactly the game played, unfortunately the game did not live up to the hype.

I avoided writing any review about the game simply on the premise that I didn't think I would do it any justice, this is just based on the fact that I simply didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would and only clocked in around 10-15 hours total, plus I was very curious to see just what exactly the player-count would be come release, not that the open beta player-count filled me with any great expectations. Instead the game is left with a current average of 779 players and not really any more than 1000 dur

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Paladins - Strix, Ghost Feather arrives in the realm

OB57 of Paladins will hit the live servers on the 24th of August with the next champion to shake things up, this time it's Strix which is the second sniper based character. Strix is a very unique character in regards to the fact that he has 3 new skill effects/types that no other character yet has, and will hopefully be used by other future characters or potential balance/skill changes to some current characters.

What will make Strix a very different experience to Kinessa is his ability to spot out targets with his flare, his ability to hide and juke flankers coming for him, his sniper being a bolt action instead of a charge up sniper, and lastly the fact that he actually has a second sidearm which is his semi-automatic pistol which will be quite deadly in close range, but even though i

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Paladins - Jenos, The Ascended is coming to the realm

OB55 is coming to Paladins on the week starting July 24th. This will be one of the more bigger patches as there's so much coming into it, such as the new champion, new map, more maps added to onslaught, and some more new skins along with Ruckus default skin being completely changed.

Jenos will be Paladins' newest Support character to enter the realm and with a much more heavy focus on being able to actually damage other champions. Hi-Rez have stated that they want support characters to not feel like they're only there to heal and not offer much more than that, so far the supports all have diverse kits and with the ability to pull off damage, Jenos though as they've stated will have much more focus on dealing damage to help attract those players that enjoy the damage roll more, but wh

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Paladins - Lian, Scion of House Aico arrives to rule the realm

OB54 will be here on the week starting July 10th with another new damage champion, Lian. Some inspiration for her weapon/kit was apparently derived from older games such as Medal of honour when using the M1 Garand rifle. Her skill set is something of what you would possibly expect overall for a character wielding a rifle like this, so while it's not too visually fancy as a whole, her kit still packs a punch by being able to fight in virtually all ranges, and partially being able to abuse some very long ranged sniping shots with 1 of her skills.

[LMB] Heirloom Rifle

A rifle that has been passed down through your noble house for ages. Deals 400 damage every 0.45s at medium range.

She will be able to fight viably at both close and medium range with this weapon, while it does

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Overwatch meets Streetfighter

I've always been an avid fighting game fan, I play them fairly casually with most of my focus being on Street Fighter. I've took quite a break from Overwatch as of recently simply due to burnout, and even though I've known about Doomfist being the next potential hero to be released...I still never really had any hype about the character, this is partially due to Blizzard learning their lesson from over hyping a character (Sombra in this case), and also because I didn't think I would be bothered by another damage character to enter the game, but playing him in the PTR so far though has completely swayed my thoughts, all while giving the feeling of a fighter like hero entering the roster.

Seismic Slam

His Seismic Slam skill was an interesting one to figure out, there was two t

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