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Although I lived in the era where great games like Monster Hunter was born, I have never played the Monster Hunter Series before this. I am providing a preview of the game with no preconceived idea of what made the series great and why so many players in the east are obsessed with this franchise. If you’ve missed the beta this weekend, read on to find out what you might have missed...

I was unfortunate enough to have missed the first Monster Hunter World beta due to some issues with my Ps4, but I was able to squeeze in sometime this beta before the final release of Monster Hunter World. From the get-go, the game waste no time in teaching you the game.

From the basic menu, these are the following options:

Single Player

This mode allows you to play the game in solo mode. I played this mode mainly to get a feel of how the game works and how difficult the monsters are. During my journey, I have never meet any other players (unlike Destiny, which allows you to see other players while you are in game, even without playstation plus membership)


This mode allows you to match-make with three other misfits to take on the quests together. In my opinion, this mode makes the game more interesting and less grindy when you get to meet fresh faces while questing. You also get to learn new tricks of subduing the monster(s) from other players and how other players play their role as either a tank, or a long range archer. The only downside of this mode is that every quest has a max number of faints (or revives in other games) and this is shared among all the members in the group. Your team can find yourself in a dire situation if a member keeps getting knocked out of combat. Once the number of faints are exhausted, its game-over.

Training Area

This area allows new players to try the arsenal of weapons the game has to offer. There is no time limit so you can try out different weapons to see which suits your style the best. I personally find this mode a little redundant as I could easily try the different weapons in Single Player mode.

At the start of the game, you are given two genders to create your hunter, male or female with limited customisations which only allows you to choose between a number of presets profile. It would be interesting to see if the game allows more customisations for the final version of the game. Next you get to customise your feline companion, Palico and pick a worthy name for her.

Once you enter the game proper, you are presented with a Hunting Notice Board. For this beta, there are 4 types of monsters you can hunt. Beside the quest are stars that indicate the difficulty of the beast with Nergigante been the 5 star boss that you should clearly avoid for now. Once you accept the quest, you can choose from 4 fancy locations to spawn. The spawn locations differ slightly from each other, however i didn’t explore all the options so i am unable to share with you more on this.

An NPC will provide you with some basic details on the quest and where can the monster be found. WAIT, before you set out remember to grab a hearty meal by the canteen from a choice of 4 simple feasts at a small cost. Each meal boasts different attributes for the hunter so pick the boost you think is the most ideal for your encounter.

Trudging through the plains, your handy, helpful fruit flies (sorry, I can’t remember the exact term XD) will help you pick up scents of different monsters, and locate a wide variety of plants and other natural materials. My only complain about the fruit flies system is that it doesn’t have a colour to differentiate traces left by my prey vs raw materials on the road. I found myself getting lost a couple times while i was on the tail of my prey.

The highlight of the game is fighting the monster head on. Once you locate your prey, you can feel your blood pressure rises and adrenaline pumping while you charge head-on towards battle. Suddenly, a huge ass lizard breaks through the ground and starts pummeling your prey right before your eyes. Like wut???

The different types of combat scenarios is what makes Monster Hunter World so much more intriguing. You may be fighting your prey mid-fight when another random monster decides to join hands with you, or you might be pwn-ing your prey when suddenly another larger predator decides to pack you for lunch. Combat scenarios are unpredictable and ever-changing adding an element of surprise to the encounters.

The basic duelling with the monster is fun and requires the hunter to attack the monster while dodging live-threatening blows. Understanding the monster’s attack patterns is vital to taking your bounty home. The fighting style is a little like dark souls where you time your dodge or reload timing to prevent getting caught in sticky situations.

L1 + triangle (Changing of Ammo)

During combat, this command allows you to equip special ammos like slicing ammo, paralysis ammo...etc. I read online that each beast has a elemental or attribute weakness which can be exploited to make your prey more susceptible to your attacks. However, for this beta I just literally spammed all different types of ammo on my prey in order to take it down.

L1 + Circle (Using of items)

This command opens up your item backpack and allows you to use a wide variety of items, including potions, antidotes, barrel bombs...etc. I have not explored the expansive inventory items as I find myself using mainly potions and barrel bombs to dismember my prey.

When you finally bagged your prey, you will be rewarded with the promised bounty and some monster's skins. In Monster Hunter World, monster skins allow you to craft unique items that boasts different attributes and dawned new cosmetics for your wardrobe collection.

Graphics and Sound

The game seriously have some of the best graphics I have ever seen on a playstation 4 game. The game is definitely an eye candy with detailed color for all the tropical plants and animals, and great sound effects for the monsters and other in-game animations. The developer has emphasized the attention to details from the crisp loading screens to the swishing sound of your Charged Blade.

I am hyped and looking forward to the retail version of the game later this week. I am eager to learn of all the stories the game has to tell and the devious preys I have to slay to breeze through the campaign. If you are still sitting on the fence on this one, why not join me on twitch this coming Friday? (PST)

Join me on Twitch here! (Cyrius Club)

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For people that watched me before:

I know I have been on a hiatus for quite a while (4 years!), so much has happened in my life. I managed to get my own apartment, got engaged (my wife is a gamer too, like me!) and have never stopped playing games ever since. I just joined twitch in 2018 and this channel will be about my playthroughs of the newest games and also a place to catch up with people who wanna make some new friends. =)

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