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Updated : Some images of ChinaJoy 2013!

Game Station

After reading the press release, below is my translated version:

In this year's ChinaJoy 2013, Tencent will be debuting a Headset Gaming Experience for Blade and Soul China. To create a breakthrough in gaming to give players the ultimate gaming experience. Finally taking a first step into Panoramic Projection coupled with seamless integration of the gameplay experience.

Reporter : Will there be many headsets available for attendees during the ChinaJoy 2013?
BNS : As the device is a heavy investment, we will only open ONE set to the lucky players who are selected. More details to be revealed at the end of the article.

Reporter : Can you briefly describe the experience that the player gets when they wear this headset?
BNS : When you first wear it you will experience total darkness, following which you will be greeted by a ray of light that brings you to the main game menu. The wearer will experience an absolute 3D experience... (sales talk and more sales talk) We also have other high-end computers on display for players to experience Blade and Soul.

Reporter : Will the wearer feel like as though they have entered the game?
BNS : The current technology has not enabled us to do that but as technology progresses we should be able to do more This is the first step for players to enter into a realistic atmosphere where in the future, entering into the virtual world might even become an option.

Reporter : How long did you guys (Tencent) prepare for this project?
BNS : We have taken more than 6 months to fine tune the display and compatibility.

Reporter : Are you thinking of mass producing this device?
BNS : At this point of time, it is not economically possible but we are not ruling out this possibility in the future.

Reporter : Is there a dedicated server for players who uses this device to access the game?
BNS : No, all game access will be via our official servers where all the PC players are.

Editor : We also hope that with the advancement of technology, we can soon see more realistic gaming experience through gaming peripherals. We are grateful that Blade and Soul has make the first step to make this gaming experience possible and way to go for Tencent!


Really? You got to be kidding me... After reading this press release, the first thing that came to my mind was Virtual Boy. For everyone who is old enough to remember, this device was a flop in many ways. The device is so gonna smell with all the sweat and tears from playing Blade and Soul, not to forget how embarrassing it might be for the wearer. Picture this, someone walking into your room while you are smiling to yourself while wearing this headset is just... ok i will stop there haha... I can already imagine the amount of headaches its going to give me if I wear one for prolong hours. I rather they spend 6 months trying to give us OBT then spending 6 months on this junk.

I choose to think that this move by Tencent is a marketing gimmick to garner more PR and publicity rather than seriously developing a product for sale. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for some good announcement coming this week. Give me my OBT already!

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