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***UPDATES! China has a mod to remove localisation. It is available for the 3rd CBT, but had some minor bugs. Currently the community is working on a revised one. ***

What are the differences between Korea and China version?

The game as we know it has undergone some adaptations and content localisation to suit the Chinese audience. So today I am going to spill the beans and share with you what are the core differences that may or may not affect your experience in Blade and Soul.

1. Costumes

This first topic causes sparks to fly during the 3rd Close Beta Test. Many Chinese players were distraught and in rage to find out that Blade and Soul's signature fish net stockings, skin tight bosom revealing costumes were absent in this version of the game. Well there are still quite a number of revealing costumes but no where near those tight bikinis held by a tiny draw string. In Korea, the game has been rated M18 and Tencent is trying to clean up the visuals for the China server to appeal to a wider audience.

Let's face it, the numbers of female characters in game far outweighs the males. The draw of the game other than the smooth combat is the sexy slimline. No matter how I see it, Blade and Soul is a mature themed mmo, other than the alluring villains and NPCs, the story can get quite complicated as you see betrayal at the turn of every page. Sex still sells in this game but with minor adjustments from the Korean version.


Korea :


Upon completing the last quest, a cut scene will unfold with one of the villains lying naked on the floor, defeated. The intricate camera pans its view from the sky towards the ground, carefully avoiding all the vital areas while focusing the attention on her face. (damn!) I was suddenly taken aback when I realised something seems to be wrong with the character model. The villain appears to be wearing a piece of black scaly skin tight clothing that has bad lighting effects. "How does this piece of fashionable cloth fit into the context of this world?" Little did I know from youtube-ing that this (tube) was added to tone down the nudity in this segment. Sigh...

Korean Cutscene:

China Cutscene:

2. Boobs Animation

It is for all to see, the animation of the boobs in both version of the game. It didn't bother me at all as I am constantly lost in the thick of battle. The picture depicting the Chinese Character doesn't really do it any justice. Curvaceous figure is still attainable with a "chest slider bar" conveniently located under the character customisation tab. Well if you are looking at vigorous swaying of boobs, you are going to be disappointed.

China :


3. In game costumes sold in Cash Shops

Who will buy this? In game costumes are actually sold in Cash Shops that has an expiry date. Crazy? Hell yeah! In game costumes are obtained through exchanging specific items (non-cash, easy to get). Even costumes dropped by Monsters are sold in the Cash Shop... This idea really baffles me as there is no reason for anyone to buy those costumes. The exact costumes obtained in game are permanent once you receive it.

Example :

4. Usage of Cash Shop items in PVP

Pay to win PVP, why doesn't he go down? Cash Health Potions are allowed in PVP, people who has played the 3rd CBT will understand this pain. Every cash player is a fire breathing Phoenix.

5. Graphics

This game is beautifully designed to mesmerise you from the start, detailed character customisation, shimmering light effects and exhaustive terrain details, you will be in for a treat. Comparing the actual in game footage between the two versions, the China version has been toned down slightly to ensure better hardware acceleration. Having said that, my untrained eyes couldn't seem to tell the difference. Make no mistake, you will fall in love with this world.

6. Loots

Lets talk about the new loot system that is present on the Test Server. You will not be rewarded financially when you kill wild mobs. To prevent gold farmers, Tencent has set a very high bar for players to earn in game currency. Players will only receive in game currency (in terms of gold, silver or copper) when they complete specific daily quests and harder instances. Till date, the highest traded in game currency on the Test Server remains to be copper.

Two weeks have passed and this system is already working wonders. Without a decent roundup, there is almost no way for you to earn in game currency. We have all seen our fair share of mindless bots zerging wild mobs, farming gold and dominating servers like a pandemic. Well, not here and at least not now. The game is trying to find ways to counter the bots to prevent a similar plight from its predecessor. I have done those teeth gritting instances, and yes they are doable but requires a decent team to clear.

7. Storage Options

Using cash is not an option, it is almost mandatory (at least to me). I have done a more detailed writeup about this system here : Getting your wallets ready, Ka Ching! Described as a contradictory move by Tencent, players are scrounging every penny to feed their weapon leaving them almost penniless to do other things. For non-cash players this situation would certainly drive some people up the wall. As compared to the Korean server, only the last row of the inventory slots required spending cash to unlock.

8. Energy Value System

This system was removed during the 3rd CBT in Korea but is still adopted by the China server till date. This system is in place to provide a fair leveling ground for all players, hardcore or casual. After having my first hand experience, I would sum it up in one sentence : To ensure that players do not reach the level cap in 3 days. Without Energy, you are still able to do a ton of things like attempting the harder instances to earn gold, gather materials for your secondary profession, PVP and more. The only stumbling block is not been able to enjoy content, which is higher than your current level. On a more detailed write up on Energy Value System clickhere

9. Repair Hammers and Medicine replace Secondary Crafting and Gathering Profession

Repair Hammers and medicine are rather inexpensive and can be bought off the conveniently stationed NPCs in every town. A lot of players like myself emerge to level cap by chewing drumsticks and popping aspirins. There is absolutely no reason for you to divulge your time to level any Secondary Profession since you don't see the need to... until its too late. In the end you are forced to take a plane and travel back to where you slain your first Chinese Zombie. Yes, it is painful so please spend some time on your Secondary Profession while leveling up.

10. Experience Booster Talisman

From the Korea server, in the absence of Experience Booster Talisman the "feeding" progress for legendary weapons can be excruciatingly slow. You can check out a more detailed 2 parts write up of the Weapon Growth System here : Equipment Growth System Would this be the major gold sink in the future of Blade and Soul China when Legendary Weapons are released?

11. Unlimited Beta Tests

Korea Close Beta Testing : CBT 1, CBT 2, CBT 3 followed by OBT

China Close Beta Testing : CBT 1, CBT 2, CBT 3, Play Test Server. 4th CBT (Non account deletion), OBT. Its like a game of black jack, tons of ways to get yourself a chance into the beta tests. From Blue Diamond Membership (QQ) to Wechat and many other random events that shower players with hope just to disappoint them at the end of the day. Players are waiting and as the game continues to test itself and the patience of its fans (local and international), everyone lies in wait for the final announcement of OBT.

Note: The issues discussed here are not set in stone, as the game is undergoing Play Test and gathering feedbacks. This is a translated article I picked up from one of the highly discussed thread regarding the difference between Korea and China Server.

**Actual footage of my Play Test Server Introduction, please click here**

The Latest News of Blade and Soul China ---- Launch of Player Test Server 29/08/2013 ---- Account Registration Guide

For more 2.0 Updates for Blade and Soul China, please see below:

1) Getting Your Wallets Ready, Ka Ching! - Inventory and Warehouse System

2) System: Equipment Growth System (Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon)---Skill Tree System---Point Coupon Bank---Item Conversion System

3) Instance: Changes to Instance Loots---Boss Decapitation---Boss's Skill Warning---Hearts System for 6-man Instances

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