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(Exclusive Blade and Soul China Costume =))

One of the hardest solo instance till date, the final boss of the Fisherman's Hero Difficulty Solo Mode Instance is Mr. LuXun the beggar. In ancient China where fighting with flying swords is an everyday thing, some elite Beggar (yes, elite you heard it right) are known to posses powerful kungfu that can save the world. Their signature skill is either using bamboo poles or devastating palm strikes, with the famous Subdue the Dragon in 18 strikes (降龙十八掌). XD These characters have appeared in many stories and movies leaving no exception to Blade and Soul.

For players that are still trying to clear this instance, I have included my skill build below for your reference.

This skill build is designed primarily for this instance. I have other skill build for other purposes like dps, tanking and leveling. If you are using only one skill build till now, then you are most probably undermining your class true potential.

*I have some requests on my other skill builds, I will post it up later when I have more time =X*


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Guides Center

1) How to download and install your Blade and Soul CBT/OBT Launcher

2) Create, download and top up Xunyou Game Booster + Official Game Booster + Xun Lei Game Booster

3) How to top up Q Points?

4) Sub Professions, Crafting and Gathering Guilds

5) Setting up of guilds and recruitment

The Latest News of Blade and Soul China:

1) Blade and Soul China : Download Your OBT launcher now

2) Blade and Soul China OBT on Nov. 28th

3) Dawn of a New Era. Exclusive China Localised System and Content

4) Blade and Soul China: Maintenance Updates (11/13/2013)

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For more 2.0 Updates for Blade and Soul China, please see below:

1) System: Equipment Growth System (Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon)---Skill Tree System---Point Coupon Bank---Item Conversion System + Inventory and Warehouse System + Crafting and Gathering

2) Instance: Changes to Instance Loots---Boss Decapitation---Boss's Skill Warning---Hearts System for 6-man Instances

3) VIP Membership Details + Memeber's Exclusive Content

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