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Just yesterday, there was a buzz going around the servers regarding the new costumes that some players were spotted wearing. Are those costumes farmed from PVP? PVE? How can I get them? But first, let me share with you how this costume came about. 

The original Chinese Exclusive costume first debuted at TGC 2013. The concept of the costume was inspired by Qipao (Manchurian Dress) and Jianzhi (Chinese Paper Cutting art). The costume looks gorgeous on the ladies and many players are seen wanting to get a piece of the costume. You can check out MMOsite’s news covered by the editor here during the TGC Event. 

Hold you horses guys and hear comes the Juicy Event Details!

一. 剑灵先行者(当前已经开放领取)The early players of Blade and Soul (Event open now!)
To thank the long-time fans who participated in the various Close Beta Tests, you will be granted first chances to redeem your limited edition Chinese Costume (China Exclusive). 
i) Players who participated in 16/08/12 1st Close Beta Tests
ii) Players who participated in 05/12/12 2nd Close Beta Tests and one of your characters achieved level 36
iii) Players who participated in 07/05/13 3rd Close Beta Tests and one of your characters achieved level 45
iv) Players who participated on the Test Server and achieved Level 45 before 28/11/13

二.剑灵精英玩家(领取时间为2014年1月)Blade and Soul Elite Players (Event Opens on Jan 2014)
i) On the 31st of Dec, achieve the rank of 1-10 on 1V1 and 3V3 PVP on your server
ii) Become the MVP members on BNS.QQ official forums (not applicable to foreigners)
iii) More details on 1st of Jan 2014

三.    官网运营活动、成就系统(敬请期待) Blade and Soul China Website Events, Achievement Rewards
i)   More events will be released at a later date 
ii)    Achieve a set number of in-game achievements, TBA

How to redeem the Costume
Click here to proceed to the website for redemption.

Logged into your QQ account and scroll down till you see this image:

Select the respective option to redeem your Costume. 

Left Option : Early Players
Middle Option : Elite Players
Right Option : Event Winners

As always don't forget to select your Server, Sub Server and confirmed your player name during selection.
Each account can only redeem the Exclusive China Costume Once. 

Looking at the event conditions, players would need to really go out of their way to earn this Exclusive Costume. 

From what I see, this event is only applicable to the beta players now as most of the details are only going to be released on Jan 2014. As for OBT players, its definitely a brawl to get to the top 10 of each server. I will be rooting for you!! ^^ I will keep this event on my website and keep it updated once I have more news. Anyone wanna see a male Jin wearing this costume? haha...


As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

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