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VIP Package? This is a topic we both love and hate. Some people are not very pleased with this while some people think its just a small sum to spend to enjoy the game. Well, like it or not this VIP is here to stay, so what does it do and what can we go from here?

Since the OBT last thursday we have been trying to settle in to our new home, making new friends and spending some money at the cash shop. Today, I have handpicked a few items from the Cash Shop that I think is worth a good look.

1. VIP Membership

Blade and Soul VIP Membership is a premium membership that has become a must have for most people. Primary reason? Shorter Queue time. In my opinion I think this is the core product that Tencent is milking the players from. There are various benefits you can see (as per the above image), other than the daily gift bag I think the rest of the benefits are not really obvious. The best item I have received from the Gift Bag is a 灵石 Soul Stone, once in a blue moon I will get a 7 days limited costume but other times tons of health potions. The VIP Membership also allows members to purchase VIP members only items , some 7 day costumes, exp booster potions and some. There are a few items handpicked by me that I think is useful for players who has an extra dime or two.

VIP Free Gfit:

2. Members Additional Package (Members convenience package)
This green package allows you to have special QingGong Effects to show-off to the public. The 飞龙工商 allows you to sell to NPC items on the move. If you are a trader or farmer, you would have realised that players can only put up to 20 items in the Trading House for sale daily. With this VIP, you would be able to sell more items. Lastly, some minor member discounts for special items.

3. Members Growth Package
This purple package provides 2 important boost, more money from quests and the reduction of fees to Evolve Weapons. Remember how much it cost to evolve two Grade 10 Weapons to a Special Weapon? Keeping your fingers crossed so that it wouldn't fail? Well this package make that costs slightly more bearable. I wouldn't recommend anyone getting this package before level 37 as the boost would be meagre. Once you step foot on Su Wul Plains, everything seems to take on a different financial scale. The quest rewards are now shiny silver and evolving weapons starts to cost an arm or leg.

More shinies from Quests

Reduced cost for Evolving of equipment

4. Thanksgiving Package
This package offers a lot of value! Please get this if you have some spare Q Points. The 2x 神龙工商袋 Dragon Bags alone should give you the reason to get this package. For a limited period only.~

5. Youth Package
This package compared to the ThanksGiving Package is slightly more pricey. It offers 神龙工商袋 Dragon Bags, some great Experience Boosters (for equipment growth) and a nice costume pack. The way I look at this package is that Tencent know people are in need of those Dragon Bags so they are offering additional free gifts to sweeten the deal.

From what I see, it is important to get the VIP Membership and the Thanksgiving Package. The rest are good to have but not a must have. I hope this help clears up the queries about the VIP Package and the VIP Add-on Package. =) Alright this is a quick update from me, hope you enjoy the game and your new found friends. =D

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