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Phew~ Well finally the OBT weekend is over. It sure has been a tiring and busy weekend for me. =) Firstly, let me apologise to players that I didn't manage to reply your PMs, be it on mmosite, facebook, QQ chat group or in-game. I am really excited to meet all of you but as I am just an individual so I was limited by what I could do or help you in your problems. Nonetheless I would like to thank all the helpful players around that have been replying to all the PMs on my blogs ,facebooks and QQ Chat group. Really appreciate that. =D

Another important news is that, new players will no longer be able to join the 3 CBT servers with effect from 1st Dec 1700 onwards until further notice (电信一区, 电信二区 and 网通一区)

Alright once that is out of the way, let me share with you an introductory guide to accessories - Rings Feeding. If you are done with feeding weapons or have the financial bandwidth to enhance another item, rings would be a good addition. The purpose why I gave rings priority over necklace and earrings is because rings usually give critical and critical damage stats. This in turn will help boost our damage, making farming a tad more enjoyable. Today, let me introduce you a dungeon I used to farm before I leave 御龙林 Dragon Forest for The Desert.

First lets see why I chose this dungeon:
- Short Run time,
- Pretty good accessories loot
- Good set of Bo Pae Plates

Map location:

As you slice and dice through this cave, you realise that there are certian choke points in the instance that is great to gather mobs for a good aoe damage. (The above video shows a level 36 player carrying me through)

Green Grade Weapons, Rings, Earrings and Necklaces are good for feeding your current equipment. Cheap, decent exp

Boss Decapitation Chest Loots:
Bo Pae Plates
I would recommend this dungeon's Bo Pae plate as it boasts the highest Critical Attack and Critical Damage in Dragon Forest. Equip yourself with a great Bo Pae set before entering The Desert where everything feels harder to kill.
For a full stats of the BoPae Plate click here.

Blue Grade Rings
The rings cost 7 copper to feed and bestows a reasonable amount of experience. This is one of the higher level rings in the Dragon Forest Area that is effortless to farm and great for feeding your purple rings. There is also a chance for the end dungeon boss to drop an Experience Booster Talisman. Add that to your Rings during feeding to boost the amount of feeding experience.

Below is an image of the ring feeding a 卓越洪门 Ring (Mid-tier Ring). The experience gained is consistent, every 7 copper I spend I get around 13% exp. For lower tier rings, the experience gained is much more.

If you discover any interesting ways to farm for feeding equipment please feel free to share with us below. Till then, take care!

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

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