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As the date for Non Account Deletion CBT draws near, the concept of this CBT is youth. 

The official website has released this image of a Hongkong Pop idol group during the 90s together with the image above. Along the idea of Youth, iconic pop bands like 小虎队 (the above HK pop) will be featured in the updates to come. There are a few more dates as stipulated above that taunts us that there will be more news about the Spokesperson selection.

One of the netizens has managed to find the rest of the pictures from god knows where, I sure hope its not a hacker or something. The images that will be released in the following dates are as follows:

10.11 黑豹

10.12 F4 (Taiwan)

10.14 Mayday (Taiwan)

10.15 Girls Generation (Korea)

So the last one on the line is Kpop group Girls Generation. Is Tencent telling us that the Spokesperson will be a Korean group? Or maybe it could be Girls Generation themselves? If SNSD is going to be the face of Blade and Soul, boy this game is going to be so expensive! Don't forget that whatever they spend, they will eventually get it back from the players. Well, that's all for now do let me know which kpop, jpop, cpop group you wanna see be the Spokesperson for Blade and Soul China. My choice is, Everyday is Girls Day! ROFL...


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