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Blade and Soul China - What is a Talisman, what it does and how it would concern you?

While I was leveling, I encountered a problem that was the need to use an Exorcism Talisman to “cleanse” every piece of equipment that I picked up from an instance before I can use it. From there I went into a deeper research of this mechanic and realised that this could very well be a game breaking mechanic.

The reason for anyone to farm instances is to get better equipment, deal better damage so we can attempt harder quests and even attempt harder solo instances. However there is something that keeps holding me back, which is the need to use 驱魔符aka Exorcism Talisman (Google Translate, I never just came up with this =)). Some of the better equipment even requires an additional 解印符aka Unseal Talisman to be able to use the equipment. ==

Let's take a look here, we will at least need a total of 12 Exorcism Talismans altogether for a good set of equipment, 8 Bo Pae Plates, 2 Earings and 2 Rings (excluding weapon and necklace). Every Exorcism Talisman belongs to a specific instance and so does the equipment. For e.g. You have received a weapon from the Scorpion Instance, you will need the Scorpion's Exorcism Talisman to “cleanse” the weapon. Everyday you are only able to obtain up to a maximum of 5 Exorcism Talismans.

This is the loot you get from an instance:

You will need this Exorcism Talisman to "cleanse" it.

You will need this Unseal Talisman to unseal after that.

So how do you get this Talismans?

You can obtain 1 Talisman from doing a daily quest for the Scorpion's instance or it might drop as loot when you kill mobs within the Scorpion's instance.

An example of a daily quest for Scorpion's Instance

The drop rate sucks according to the majority of the players and I tried running 3 full instances just to see it dropped once. Remember the loot system? Your friendly team mates up till now will suddenly look very hostile as they spam the bid button. Some even resort to talking their way out by asking you to let him/her have it first. saying that they will farm with you till you get the next Talisman. We all knows that never happens right? :( Believe me this gets much worse at the higher levels.

The Talismans can be sold at the Trading House, as I was late for CBT the pricing was affordable, but imagine everyone leveling together, I can see the price of these Talismans (especially the more popular ones) commanding a premium.

A very insightful Chinese player by the name of Axero, who has played both the Korean version and Chinese version shared his thoughts :

Dated : 08/05/2013

How the Exorcism Talisman will kill Blade and Soul China

1. With the need to use Exorcism Talisman, the Bo Pae plates that we usually see people bidding for in instances has become Bo Pae Boxes instead. There is no way for you to know what is inside this box, so good luck trying to out bid every player. With the idea of getting 5 Exorcism Talismans per day, you will need at least 3 days of farming to get a complete set. This can be extremely tiring, boring and discouraging should you wish to level an alternate toon.

2. When OBT comes, this is going to be more headache for players. The end game weapon that every player is aiming for is what they call the 283 (Attack Power) weapon. The way to obtain this weapon is to disassemble a weapon from the 7th and a weapon from a 8th floor of the Mushin tower to have a chance to obtain a random Soul. Different classes require 2 different Souls. This will purely depend on your karma, if you are a lucky person, you can get it in a few days. If not maybe in a few months! With the restriction of the Exorcism Talisman, there is no way you can get a weapon without spending 6 months! People who have played the Korean version will agree.

3. The increase in the pricing of raw materials, healing potions, experience boosters. As players are concentrating on getting their Talisman, that would stall the advancement of the Secondary Skill/Trait that we specialised in. What will happen is that the items that are on demand will become overpriced, new players who joined the server late will find themselves selling cash items way earlier than they should just to play the game.

Tencent has released an announcement on their official website to clarify the uses of the Exorcism Talisman.

  • Talisman is definitely not a cash item to extort money from players, therefore please do not worry we will never put it in the cash shop

  • We have received numerous feedbacks about this Talisman issue, we will continue to monitor the demand and supply of the Talisman on the server so please be patient with us. We are currently still in CBT please bear with us!

So how did I level to 45?

I had to skip some of the harder solo and group instances by using gears from Wild Bosses. These equipments are slightly less powerful but at least decent for leveling. I have totally ignored some of the nice harder instances as this Talisman would side track my leveling way too much.

I really hope Tencent dwells deeper into this issue so there will be adequate Talismans for players. I really can't imagine myself grinding the same instance over and over till blood oozes out of my mouth just to get an equipment that is not even end game quality. Leveling alternate characters will also be a chore as we need to grind the same dungeons over and over again. I personally frowns upon this issue and hope that something can be changed. I will keep you guys updated once I have more updates on this.




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