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So why are these two items in such high demand and high prices? Are you farming these items actively?

Holy Ore 圣物
What is a Holy Ore? I believe everyone is very familar with the image below. Now I want you to take a look at the stones icon on the map (as per the highlighted). These are exact locations of the Holy Ore nodes. Nodes are classified into two types, a big node and a small node. A small node generates between 1-3 Holy Ores and a large node generates between 5-9 Holy Ores. In order to harvest these ores, you need an Ore Pick.

There are 3 types of Holy Ores, namely Dragon Forest, Desert and Su Wul ones. Each is used to make different higher tier items belonging to the respective areas. These nodes are known to spawn between 3 to 5 hours everyday so do check out those nodes whenever you are nearby, you might just find some of them lying in wait, ready to be harvested.

So what are these items used for?
Holy Ores are used to make various high level items and one of the most important items is the Evolve Stone 进化石. Evolve Stones are used in the evolution process between weapons and accessories. By evolving your items you will reach a more powerful state of the current one.

Soul Stones 灵石
Soul Stones are known as the second currency of Blade and Soul compared to gold. Soul Stone is a very valuable and limited resource that everyone needs at level 45. Whether you are an artisan or just trying to level up your weapon through feeding, farming soul stones become a daily routine. At level 45, there are only a few quests that rewards Soul Stones and most of them are faction quests.

So where can we farm for them?
There are a limited amount of Soul Stones you can receive per day and these are the respective quests.

1. Desert - Red Lotus daily quest (Reward 2 x Soul Stones)

As you can see from these quests, you can gain up to a maximum of 24 Soul Stones in a single day. The main focus here is on faction quests with more than 90% of the Soul Stones rewarded for faction quests. This is applicable to both factions, either blue or redOn my server, the cost of a Soul Stone is around 12 silver, with 24 of these babies we are looking earning 2 gold on a daily basis! Well that is if you are done with your weapon feeding or choose not to embark on this path at all. On top of that these quests give guild medals which help to level up your guild too. =)

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