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Here at 绿明村 you are exposed to the wonderful system of Blade and Soul's 副职 Sub Professions. There are altogether 14 Guilds that you can join, with 7 Gathering guilds and 7 Crafting guilds. Gathering and crafting go hand in hand to compliment your complex needs in Blade and Soul. Choosing a guild is an important segment of your career in BNS so please choose wisely. You may quit the guild at any time but once you leave, the guild's level and experience will reset to 0.

Choosing your Guilds
Every player can join up to 4 guilds, 2 Crafting and 2 Gathering. You can see the respective guilds by pressing "M" to bring up the mini map. To leave a guild, Press "P" to open up the Guild window and select quit. Take note that if you quit guild at any time, you will need to return here to join a new guild.

Gathering (Guilds) and how to delegate tasks

There are guilds that specialise in gathering of raw materials, you can delegate tasks to the guild's NPC to gather materials for you while you go on your quests. Pretty handy! All you need to do is provide a sample of the raw material.

Process are as follows : Choose your Gathering (Guild) => Provide a sample to the guild => Delegate a task to the NPC to gather => Collect the gathered material.

You will receive a tutorial mission as follows when you join a Guild.

You can see the tutorial from the task window.

Example of gathering the required material.

There are two ways to delegate tasks

There are also two ways to complete the task collection.

Note : The ability to pick up samples in the wild is dependent on your guild level. For example, I joined a guild that gathers wood. If I am at Level 1 in the Wood Gathering Guild, I will not be able to pick up any level 2 sample even if its right smack in front of my eyes. Every level, you will be able to pick up 2 types of samples and you can see a brief description of where to find the required sample.

Crafting (Guilds) and how to delegate

For crafting you can make weapons, jewels, accessories, talisman, potions and food.

Process as follows : Choose your Crafting (Guild) => Find what you want to make, find the required raw materials => Delegate the NPC to craft the item => Collect your item.

You gain experience whenever you make an item, as you level up you can make better items to be used or sold at the trading house.

Below is an easy reference table to share with you, which Gathering and Crafting Guild go well together:

1) Crafting (Guild) - 陶瓷坊 Pottery

This guild can make 精炼材 Refined materials, 器皿 Containers, 镐头 Pick Axes and 水瓶 Bottles. These items are required by other Guilds during a later phase. This Guild is considered a guild that exist to compliment other guilds. One very important item you can make is 邪魔铃 Demon's Bells, which is required for learning one of the QingGong.

2) Crafting (Guild) - 太尚门 TaiShangMen

You can make intermediate stage Bo Pae Plates, 进化石材料 Crafting Materials needed for weapon or accessories feeding.

3) Crafting (Guild) - 万金堂 WanJinTang

Produces Jewels, rings, necklaces, earrings and keys for treasure boxes.

4) Crafting (Guild) - 药王院 Medicinal Hall

Produces healing potions and antidotes. There are two types of healing potions :

- Short cool down time, heals little HP at one go

- Long cool down time, heals a lot of HP at one go

*Take note that healing potions when consumed, replenish your HP over time. You need to prevent yourself from taking damage while your HP regenerates, or risk dying.

5) Crafting (Guild) - 风味门 FengWeiMen

Produces food that replenishes health when not in combat, food that increases your attack, items to learn QingGong, Higher level food can increase your critical for a short period of time.

6) Crafting (Guild) - 圣君堂 Talisman Temple

Produces 解印符(Unseal Talisman), 逃脱符(Escape Talisman), 回城符(Return Talisman) and 复活符(Revival Talisman)

7) Crafting (Guild) - 铁匠坊 Blacksmith Square

Produces Green Weapons (great for feeding weapons), Hero Grade Weapon Boxes, Repair Axes (require a fire to repair) and Urgent Repair Tool (Repair your weapon instantly)

In Blade and Soul. Crafting and Gathering Guilds are very important to players as that can be a source of income. If you are playing this game for the first time, I would recommend joining 铁匠坊 Blacksmith Square for two obvious reasons. When you are new to this game, you will die a lot and when you die your weapon go down in durability. Making you own repair tools means you can save on repair costs. Next, green weapons are good for weapon feeding as they are very inexpensive and earns a steady stream of weapon experience. Green weapons you produce can also be sold at a profitable price in the Trading House. As for the second guild, I leave it up to you guys. I hope the above table and explanation will help you in choosing your ideal guild. Take care! =)

绿明村 is a great place, other than learning your Sub Profession, there are two instances here that you could challenge yourself to. There is one particular instance called, 瘟疫虫副本 Bugs Instance, which will grant you an important weapon. The video below shows the Bugs Instance and I will share with you guys more about that after this. Meanwhile, please enjoy the video~

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