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Are you like the rest of us, eagerly waiting for Blood Shark Harbor and Mushin Tower? Well today there is still no news of the patch coming in but hey some news is better than no news right? XD

Simplification of the Weapon Enhancement System (link here)

First off, I believe some players are already aware of the streamlined processes of weapon enhancement. In view of the observations made by Tencent, the tedious process of enhancement is putting off some players including players with alternate toons. To reduce this barrier, Tencent has decided to simplify the weapon enhancement path. (Take note that no accessories were mentioned in this patch) The path to enhancing your weapon to the max level is going to be a tad easier. As per the image below, some items will be removed from the enhancement tree making it easier and cheaper to get your new final evolve (yipee!). I only have limited info as of now and I will keep you guys posted once more info is released. Well if you haven't max your weapon evolve, now is the best time to save up for the next patch.

There will be some major changes to the weapon required for break through. Weapons are no longer restricted by level and are not required to be enhanced before feeding to another weapon for breakthrough or evolve. What good news! Looks like there is hope for my alternate char!

Well, what about players who already has final evolved weapons? Fret not, players already with a final evolved weapon will be rewarded accordingly in the upcoming events through the next patch. For players who already had enhanced weapons, ready for feeding you can break them down into Warrior's Soul (a great exp booster) This is only applicable to weapons which are Grade 5 and above. Weapons below grade 5 can still be used for feeding.

Rewards for Players with Evil Girl Weapons (link here)

Along with the patch for Blood Shark Harbor, players who already had 恶女武器 Evil Girl's Weapon aka weapon final evolve will be instantly rewarded on that day.

For all players who had previously owned a Grade 6 Typhoon Evil Girl's weapon and above you will be rewarded with the following items : 8 x Angbaos, 2 x Soul Stones Packet, 10 x Perfumes, 3 x Su Wul Evolve Stones and 1 x Shiny Mercury.

For all players who had owned a Grade 6 Evil Girl's Weapon and above, you will be rewarded with the following items :

18 x Angbaos, 6 x Soul Stones Packet, 25 x Perfumes, 5 x Su Wul Evolve Stones and 4 x Shiny Mercury.

**This is not restricted to per account once, therefore if you have two characters that had the following items, that character is entitled to the rewards.**

Incoming Patch - 18 March 2014

Maintenance : 8am - 2pm (GMT+8)

This is a small patch that introduces a new Misty Forest NPC that allows players to exchange for higher tier medals.

Alright that was the news for this week, I am really looking forward to Mushin Tower and Blood Shark Harbor patch which Tencent has been teasing the players with. Till then, I guess we are stuck with farming the same mobs. Take care and have a safe week ahead.

More updates in the days to come!

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Guild : Emperial - 网通一区,咆哮寺院 (Currently full, creating sub guild)

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