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"A loud "clang" followed as my adversary fall to the ground. I shook the dust off my robe and stare at the monstrosity in front of me. The monster's limbs were pale and the body feels icy cold, with a yellow charm stuck to its forehead it looks like something that was once a human being. I grabbed my staff as my trusty companion crept up beside me. I look around to see if the ruckus has disturbed the silence of the midnight forest and continued my hike forward. The forest feels hot and humid while a stench of death fills the air. Suddenly, howls were heard from a distance. Damn, it was imminent that my distinct smell would be picked up by some hungry predators. I lifted my head and saw a warm light in the distance, on top of a hill. This must be the place Master Dao mentions, I lightened my steps and make haste towards the light..."

Hey guys, this is a series that I will be doing to provide some basic guidelines on what to do while leveling. Two weeks ago, I asked you to vote for a character you want to see me play for this series and the Lyn Summoner has by far received the most number of votes. This series will not cover any story lines, plots or cut scenes so as to preserve your experience in Blade and Soul. I will only make posts that I feel is important to know at certain junctures while leveling. So let's begin!

For players who want to see the first 15 minutes of a Summoner game play please click here.

After the prologue, I have been playing for about one hour in game. After leaving the village, I arrived at the 御龙林 (Dragon Forest). One of the highlights is the 千魂 Wild Boss (Chinese Zombie Boss) area. If you are new to Blade and Soul, let me share with you what matters to you in game. Bo Pae Plates, Weapons and Accessories make up the stats of your character. Costumes are only for decorative purposes so feel free to wear anything you like. After defeating the 千魂 Wild Boss, you will receive between 1-3 Essences depending on the damage you deal to the boss. Using the essence you can spin at one of the two Wheels (Wheel of Fortune) to receive any of the following items:
- Full set Bo Pae Plates (Click on the link here to view stats), Bo Pae Box comes in 3, 5 and 8 pieces
- A hero grade weapon
- Costumes (permanent and 30 days)

Essences (Used to spin at the Wheel):


(It will greatly sadden me if all costumes are only 30 days...)

Let me touch on briefly for the 2.0 Weapon Box. When you right click to open the box, you will be prompted to use either a normal key or a shiny key to unlock it. Keys are tied to the area you are in like 御龙林 (Dragon Forest), 大漠 (Desert) and 水月平原 (Su-wol Plains) so you will need to farm for keys in every area. Shiny keys are very rare and can be obtained the first time you receive a specific daily quest.

Hero Grade Weapon Box:

Keys needed to open:

While leveling, you will receive weapons that do not belong to your class. Instead of selling them to a NPC, you can use them to feed your Hero Grade Weapon found here. I highly recommend that you upgrade your weapon to at least Grade 5. Let's do an experiment and see which weapon is ideal for feeding.

Hero Grade Weapon:

The weapon has sockets, just like Diablo3 so you can also attach jewels to the weapon to give it additional stats.

Feeding a Green Weapon to my Hero Grade Weapon, cost 1 copper. Gain 25% Experience Points

Feeding a Blue Weapon to my Hero Grade Weapon, cost 2 copper. Gain 25% Experience Points

From this experiment, the results show that it makes more economic sense to feed green weapon compared to a blue one. Once the weapon has earned enough exp, it will move to Grade 2. This is the basics of weapon feeding and I will talk about it more on a later video.

In the last CBT, players complete their quests here and move on. However with the new economy system, this place turns into a mini gold mine. With the 2.0 system, all items can only be sold to the NPC for one copper each. (regardless of rarity) Therefore the amount of items you receive will have direct impact on how much you earned. I heard someone ask about the Trading House? Nope, you are not allowed to use the Trading House until you are Level 16. With this limitation, you will be looking at farming as many items you can in the shortest time. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at one of the easiest farming spots early in game.

What you need to do is fairly simple, just farm the Wild Boss 千魂 (Chinese Zombie) in this area. The 千魂 wild boss is a particularly easy boss, you can usually find a lot of players spawn camping it. Once it spawns, the players usually zerg'ed it in a matter of seconds. All Wild Bosses have a re-spawn time of 1 minute so you can spend some remaining time killing the wolves, floating lamps or small zombies that populate the same area.

After 15 minutes of farming Wild Boss 千魂, I received 20 essences, loots as below.

6 x Hero Grade Weapon Boxes
2 x 8 Piece Bo Pae Plate Box

5 x 3 Piece Bo Pae Plate Box

3 x 5 Piece Bo Pae Plate Box

4 x Costume Box

Total Copper earned = 6 + 2(8) + 5(3) + 3(5) + 4 = 56 copper

Comparing that to the rewards given at low level quests are usually between 2-5 copper and each quest takes 5 minutes or more to complete. You can easily rake up a few silver here before moving on to the next area. So remember the next time you are here, stop by for an easy no brainer farming experience and maybe make a few friends while you are at it!

I am off to work on the next video and if there are any questions, please feel free to post in the comments section below. =)

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