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What an exciting start for 2014! Pohwan Instance will be hitting the shores this January (I believe just before the Chinese Lunar New Year) So how should you prepare yourself for the fight! Below are my recommended gears:

What To Wear?

Weapon : 极限万魂 Limit Souls Weapon

Attack Power : 265

Hit : 154

Block : 66

Pohwan Instance is an instance with a lot of mini bosses with very high HP. If you do not have this weapon yet, I highly recommend you to get it. The triggered effect allows you to increase your critical damage output for 12s which is sweet. As for the gems slots, I am using the 6 sided purple gem that draws HP from enemies and 5 sided gem for added attack. Depending on your budget, you can splurge more on the gems to get some higher tier ones. The 3rd slot I would recommend a Red Gem for added attack. You can check out the stats of the respective gems here. I do not recommend opening the last slot unless you really have some spare cash. XD


Fishermen's Instance (location)

Necklace - War Necklace. The War necklace can be farmed from the Fisherman Instance (solo instance)

Critical Damage : 6.7%

Critical : 243

Defense : 182

Earrings - Flame Lord Earrings. This can be easily obtained from the 4 man Red Lotus Instance.

Critical : 103

Attack : 4

Additional Damage : 11

Rings - Limit Flame Lord Rings. This is a very good ring that gives Critical, Critical damage and added attack.

Critical Damage : 7.5%

Critical : 332

Attack : 2

Additional Damage : 8

*EDITED: As for Bo Pae Plates, I would recommend getting 1,2,3,4 and 6 Spider Bo Pae Plates and 5,7 and 8 Lost Eldar Plates. This combination will boost a higher Critical Rate compared to getting a full set of Lost Eldar plates. Feed your set of Bo Pae plates for added Crit to increase your overall chances of Crit. You can check out the link to the Bo Pae section here For combat statistics you should get at least a 100% Hit Rate and pump the rest of your resources to increase your Critical and Critical Damage. 

For some serious consideration, I have laid out the stats here between a full set Lost Eldar and the mix set.

Full set Lost Eldar Plate = HP + 720-1030, Added Critical 271-389, Pierce 167

3 Piece Lost Eldar + 5 Piece Spider = Added Critical 641-918

For Lost Eldar you get slightly more HP and for Spider you get more Critical. I personally favor damage over a higher HP as I prefer to use block and defensive maneuvers to get out of harm's way. I managed to solo'ed Red Lotus using my current set and having played Pohwan during CBT I am comfortable with my current set. As for the Pierce vs Critical damage calculation, some players in the Chinese forum did a calculation, link here  they have also yet to conclude the results as we are still new to the game. 

I am still experimenting the Pierce vs Critical damage calculations on mobs and will post up my findings once I come to a conclusion.*

What to Stock Up and do?

1. Soul Stones 灵石

Where weapon and accessories evolving and breakthrough is concerned, players need a ton of these.

2. Flame Horns 炎煌角

Horns are still needed for weapon and accessories evolving and breakthrough so please stock up on these items.

3. 6 sided Jewel Boxes

If you can afford to buy or craft it yourself this will be a good investment. Poh wan weapon will offer more 6 sided slots so players can indulge in getting a full set of 6 sided gems

4. Black Smith, Bo Pae Sub and WangJinTang Profession

Pohwan instance will drop crafting materials that these Sub Profession needs to make Hero Grade items. If you are with either of the three guilds, it is advisable to max out the level of your profession before the event.

5. Farm more gold

With this new patch, there will be more items available for purchase. Whether you are saving up for weapon and accessories enhancing costs, new costumes, new headdress you will surely like to get something new for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.

Doing all the dailies at Ghost City + Misty Forest + Faction Dailies + 4 Big Instance would be a good start for gold farming. Do all these and you will easily get more than 5 gold per day!

Lastly, there are some events to prepare players for the upcoming Pohwan Instance so please remember to check them out! read here)

Event 1 : Extension of Weapon Enhancement Event!

Event duration : 4th Jan to 15th Jan 2014

Now you stand another chance to get your Purple Jewel for your weapon! Event is extended to 15th of Jan 2014

Event 2 : Pohwan Daily Package - STOPPED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Event duration : 4th Jan to 15th Jan 2014 (2000hrs to 2200hrs - GMT +8)

You can redeem from the Cash Shop using 1 Cash Point a special Pohwan Package! (Sadly, I wasn't able to open the cash shop at all during this period == Will try to see if I could get any screen shots in the next few days)

Event 3 : Sign in Event extended!

Sign in everyday here and get 2 Soul Points!

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guides Center

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2) Create, download and top up Xunyou Game Booster + Official Game Booster + Xun Lei Game Booster

3) How to top up Q Points?

4) Sub Professions, Crafting and Gathering Guilds

5) Setting up of guilds and recruitment

The Latest News of Blade and Soul China:

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For more 2.0 Updates for Blade and Soul China, please see below:

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3) VIP Membership Details + Memeber's Exclusive Content

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