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Hi guys just some quick useful updates during this weekend. The Season 2 Weapon Catalog Event is back, with more rewards for players who have obtained or previously obtained the following sets of weapons.

Event Duration : 18/03/14 - 30/03/14 (link here)

Event 1 : Legendary Weapons Achievement

Players can claim their rewards for the weapons they have achieved.

Event 2 : Legendary Accessories Achievements

As per the above, players are rewarded for the accessories they have achieved so far.

Event 3 : VIP Weapon Enhancement Package

All VIP members can click on the link to redeem the rewards.

Event 4 : VIP Lucky Draw

All VIP members can click on the link to have a lucky dip.

Last but not least the Big Wheel Event is back with more goodies! Players can logged everyday to spin the wheel twice. However, each spin has to be at least an hour apart so please take note of your log in time to maximise the two spins a day. Spin, spin, spin~

Event duration : 18/03/14 - 01/04/14

Well I do not know what is taking Tencent so long to release the Blood Shark and Mushin Tower, but hang on to your hopes the patch should be in pretty soon. I have as excited and hyped as you guys and at the same time busy preparing my gears and leveling an alternate. Anyway that is so much for the events this week and I will keep you guys posted for any events or news about the two new instances. ~

On a side note, I have been playing both Titanfall and Hearthstone over the last weekend. Titanfall was fun, with the non-stop action going on in every battle and Hearthstone is really addictive too~ Its also Free to play and offers very deep strategies and competitive play. My part time studies will be catching up with multiple exams in April and I will try my best to provide you guys with timely info on any new gaming info in April. =)

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guild : Emperial - 网通一区,咆哮寺院 (Currently full, creating sub guild)

Guides Center

1) How to download and install your Blade and Soul CBT/OBT Launcher

2) Create, download and top up Xunyou Game Booster + Official Game Booster + Xun Lei Game Booster

3) How to top up Q Points?

4) Sub Professions, Crafting and Gathering Guilds

5) Setting up of guilds and recruitment

The Latest News of Blade and Soul China:

1) Blade and Soul China : Download Your OBT launcher now

2) Blade and Soul China OBT on Nov. 28th

3) Dawn of a New Era. Exclusive China Localised System and Content

4) Blade and Soul China: Maintenance Updates (11/13/2013)

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For more 2.0 Updates for Blade and Soul China, please see below:

1) System: Equipment Growth System (Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon)---Skill Tree System---Point Coupon Bank---Item Conversion System + Inventory and Warehouse System + Crafting and Gathering

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