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Patch Duration : 26/1/14, 6am to 2pm GMT+8

Patching in Progress and the translated patch notes are as follows:

1. Closure of the Cooking Event (aww... no more chef hats)

2. Demon Chest Board is added

3. Treasure Chest is added

4. Buffing of Faction NPCs located at the base of each Faction with new skills and more damaging attacks. (Now your faction base can feel safer!...or not.)

5. Golden Hearts option is added

6. Creature Nian is added

7. Festive Ang Bao is added

8. Added new Festive Tool to 飞龙工商 (located within your inventory window when you press "i"

9. Increase rewards for Personal PVP quest

10. "Golden Breath" is added to some of our daily quests

**If you haven't please check out the Chinese New Year Event here!**

11. Change of drop in 24-men and 6-men Pohwan 

24-men Instance Changes

- Lowering the damage output requirement to obtained a weapon box from Pohwan. (A lot of people have been complaining that they try their best to kill Pohwan and didn't get any box after she is dead. Spawning Pohwan is such a pain as players need to keep killing her minions to make her appear and she really take her time to make her appearance. XD)

Confirmed loots : Typhoon Essence (used to spin at the Wheel), Metal Coin, A sealed Pohwan No.7/8 Plate (rarity unknown)

Additional random loots : Increase the drop rate of 暴风恶女武器 (Typhoon Pohwan's weapon), Pohwan's Rings, Earrings and Bracelets. Additional costume drop for 冲角团军官制服

6-men Instance Changes

Dropped directly from Pohwan Boss

Confirmed Loots : Volcano Belt, Pohwan No.7/8 Plate, Pohwan's Perfume

Additional random loots : Shiny Su Wul Exp Talisman, Su Wul Crystal, Pohwan Necklace and Belt

斩首任务 Boss Decapitation Quest 

Confirmed Loots : Pohwan Plate (1-8) and Metal Coin

Additional random loots : Pohwan's Perfume, Volcano Belt, Pohwan Necklace and Pohwan Belt

4-men Instance Changes

Dropped directly from Pohwan Boss

Confirmed Loots : A class specific Pohwan Weapon (恶女武器), Black Metal Weapon (Blue), Pohwan Perfume

Additional random loots : Shiny 6 sided Gem (Purple/Red), Shiny Su Wul Lucky Talisman, An exchanged item (孽缘花兑换券), Horsetail costume, Pohwan's Eye Patch and Pohwan's Cat Costume.

斩首任务 Boss Decapitation Quest 

Confirmed Loots : Black Metal Weapon, Pohwan's Gem Box and Metal Coin

Additional random loots : Pohwan's Perfume and Pohwan Weapon

Adjustments in Weapon Enhancement Path:

极限万魂10段+暴风恶女10段=卓越恶女1段 (Grade 10 Limit Souls + Grade 10 Typhoon Evil Girl = Grade 1 Brilliant Evil )
卓越恶女10段+恶女10段=极限恶女1段 (Grade 10 Brillaint Evil + Grade 10 Evil Girl = Grade 1 Limit Evil Girl)
Effects of Evil Girl Weapons will be enhanced to make it more economic sense in return for the high cost of feeding.

**For Evil Girl's weapon breakthrough, you will now be required to use 水月提炼石 Refining Stone, which can be obtained randomly from one of the 4 Big Instance. Refining stone once obtained cannot be traded**

Through this patch, the game aims to allow more players to obtain the Evil Girl Weapons, however I think the main problem is not about getting the weapon. Comparing the stats of the Final weapon with my current Grade 10 Limit Souls, it doesn't really motivate me to get the Final Weapon. One thing we all know is the enhancement costs is going to be a lot and the money could be better spent on the Pohwan's Accessories instead. Anyway that's all for me now, so take care and enjoy the new patch! 

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guild : Emperial - 网通一区,咆哮寺院 (Currently full, creating sub guild)

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