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This update covers a new Instance Mission. What this Instance mission does is that it ensures every player that participated in the instance is entitled to a piece of equipment.

Let me just touch briefly on the former instance loot system. Whenever a mob is killed, there is a chance that they will drop loots like Bo Pae plates, Talisman and Equipment. The loot system is such that everyone within the party will bid for the items and the highest bidder will walk away with the items while the gold is split among the players. With the new 2.0 system, there is huge shortage of raw materials required for enhancing your end game equipment. To enhance the equipment, you will need specific raw materials that are obtained when you break down equipment you received from an instance.

Once a player enters the instance, he/she will automatically receive an Instance Mission - Boss Decapitation(斩首任务).

The mission details are as below:

Mission Objective : Defeat the XX boss (The Instance Boss)

Reward : You will receive XX experience points and a Treasure Chest. (Experience might vary depending on boss)

How to receive the Reward?

Once the boss of the instance is defeated, your mission will show that it is complete. (You can see a little chest icon beside the mission) Click on the Treasure Chest to receive your reward.

Should you leave the instance before collecting your reward, the quest along with the reward will automatically be removed. So please remember to collect your reward before leaving! The Treasure Chest will require a key to open. (Using a better key will ensure that you open items that only belong to your class)

So will this affect the instance loot system or the loots dropped when the Boss is defeated? (Updated)

The most recent information I gathered shows that the instance loot system will be changed. Players would be able to find Bo Pae Plates, Equipment and Weapons from the Treasure Chests rewarded by the Instance Mission (Boss Decapitation(斩首任务)). The Boss will still drop loots that can be picked up and auctioned off by players (as per the usual way) but the developer did not mention what the loots will be.

Reference from Korean Server : Treasure Chest obtained in a 6-men instance will contain Weapons, Bo Pae plates and other items while Treasure Chest obtained in 4-men instance will contain costumes and accessories.

I totally dig this new Instance Mission, like finally! I have read about how intensive and ridiculous the requirement for raw materials are to enhance the end game equipment. With this new Instance Mission, every player who participated in the instance will definitely walk away with a piece of equipment. Previously, the Korean server took 6 months for the first player to achieve his end game equipment, with the arrival of this system I believe it would take a lot shorter than before. Other than end game requirements, this new system also makes farming equipment a tad easier. (Getting the Talisman to unseal is another problem, which has yet to be resolved. Description of the Talisman system is here)

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