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*2nd batch of researchers announced (30/08/13)! Click on the link here to find out. I believe between 1000-2000 accounts have been activated this way. Unlike the WeChat, these QQ numbers are selected randomly so you can run through the list to see if you are the lucky ones. You just need to take note of the first 3 and last 3 numbers of your qq account.*

Today is the launch date of the Play Test Server, so what is in store for the Play Tester? By now, we have all known that Blade and Soul China has updated a lot of the 2.0 content from Korea. With such a huge update to the server, Tencent has decided to create a Play Test Server to let a small number of players experience the new content and gather some feedback. There will be more events in the following weeks to recruit more researchers or play testers for the game. Till date there are more than 3000 researchers selected. :)

Benefits of Play Testers (Researchers)

1. Play Test Funding

Each player will be given 18,888 cash points to spend on in game items.

2. Retainer

Each player will receive cash points on a weekly basis according to their level in game.

Level 1-35 : 1,888 cash points

Level 36-45 : 4,888 cash points

Players who successfully submit a bug report will be duly rewarded.

The current cap of the Play Test Server is at 35, and Tencent has mentioned that a later patch will be released to increase the cap to 45. This means that the Play Test Server is going to be here for at least a good 3 weeks. T_T Tencent has expressed that this Play Test Server's purpose is to let players experience the new game mechanics and observe how the new updates will affect the overall economy, gameplay and community of Blade And Soul. A Play Tester can lose his/her rights if the account has gone inactive for a while.

*Accounts of current Play testers will not be deleted*

There will be more events and activities that grant more accounts access to the Test Server. The game will also see more updates coming and how soon the game will be ready for OBT will depend on the feedback of the current players. Since the current Play Tester's accounts would not be deleted, it should be safe to assume that CBT (Non account deletion) has just begun.

**Actual footage of my Play Test Server Introduction**

**Hot Topic: The Difference between Blade and Soul China and Korea**

The Latest News of Blade and Soul China ---- Launch of Player Test Server 29/08/2013 ---- Account Registration Guide

For more 2.0 Updates for Blade and Soul China, please see below:

1) Getting Your Wallets Ready, Ka Ching! - Inventory and Warehouse System

2) System: Equipment Growth System (Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon)---Skill Tree System---Point Coupon Bank---Item Conversion System

3) Instance: Changes to Instance Loots---Boss Decapitation---Boss's Skill Warning---Hearts System for 6-man Instances

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