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Few more days before Pohwan is released! How are you guys today? I was busy over the weekend getting myself into Test Server and recording some videos of my Pohwan 24 men experience. Now, let me share with you what I find over there.

How to receive the Pohwan Quests?

Once you enter the Su Wul Plains after patch, you should receive an invitation quest for the Pohwan Instance. The Quest will prompt you to complete your 4 Big Instance, namely the Pig, Spider, YongLing and Monkey. Once you have completed the 4 instances, open up your map and head on over to hand in your quest. From here you will receive an invitation letter to enter Pohwan Instance and you are good to go! (Please refer to map below)

The amount of gold the quest gives

The quests at the 24 men Pohwan Instance is a good source of income. By handing in all the quests for the 24 men Instance, I received around 4-5 gold! That is excluding the 4-6 men Instance. Great place to earn gold XD.

Mini Boss and Boss HP

The enemies here have really thick HP! An area Boss like Lady Apricot (Chef boss of the kitchen area) has over 2.4 million HP with Pohwan topping the chart at over 5 million HP!

Instance Loots

Before we enter the Instance, let us take a look at the rewards that it offers and the price to pay for it. The scroll-like thingy will drop when you kill Pohwan during the 24 men instance (I believe the 4-6men will drop likewise but I didn't had the chance to try). After killing Pohwan I only received 1 of the scrolls. =( There are a lot more goodies here which i do not have time to explore...

Pohwan Costume (received from 24 men Instance)

Video Walkthrough

The amount of things to complete in the 24 men dailies can feel a little overwhelming at times, so I have decided to walk you guys through where the required mobs will spawn. I will be working on a video as well for the 4 and 6 men Pohwan instance once its officially out. Hope you enjoy the video~ =)

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

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